Everyone Speaks ENGLISH Here...

I just got back from France yesterday. So if any of you were wondering, "where the heck are my random feet?" the answer varies. Randomfeet was taking a little summer break from the computer, and your random feet are secured to the bottom of your legs. HAHAHA Oh lily, you just get funnier everyday. 

Now that I have stopped talking to myself, I will continue on to express my utter confusion while entering the states once again. Let me take you back to entering the airplane. I got into the airplane at 10Am (France time, 4Am NY time) and La di da di da sat down in my coach seat, anxiously awaiting the time I could spend hours (eight to be exact) doing absolutely nothing important. And by that I mean watching television, movies, playing elephant memory games with mr. I love peanuts, and listening to Hindu music. The plane took off and I did exactly that. But what was so strange was feeling like it was only midday when I got out of the plane (the time it was in NY). In France however it was 6PM. Maybe doing absolutely nothing all day tricked my mind into thinking 8 hours was really only two? 

Anyways, I get into the car. My dad has turned into an excited wilderness explorer monkey while I was away. In the back trunk thrives a forest of bamboo, squashes, and pretty flower things. Followed by vegetables, and of course the juicer isn't in the car, it's in the apartment. I hear him talking about Pennsylvania (the house we are fixing) in the background while I look ignorantly out the window. 

Thoughts leaving my head like, "Did that person just say thank you very much, or am I imagining it?" "Look! Shiny yellow car!" "Oh my god, that sign is in ENGLISH." "Where'd my baker go?" "ENGLISH?"

When my dad handed the tunnel lady a 5 dollar bill I stared at it like a lost child. 

"Can- can- can I see that?"

My dad handed me a one dollar bill to play with. I couldn't help feeling like it was only truly a piece of paper that had a picture of an old guy on it. I missed the shiny color money from France.

Later I walked around and felt really weird. Everyone was speaking english. I was so used to having to use my brain when listening to people, only understanding about 85% of what they were saying, that when I heard "YEAH, YEAH, OKAY SEE YA... OHKAYY BYE." I felt like I was out of place. I felt like I was on a block with a bunch of people that go home and sing, "BLA BLA BLA! BLA BLA!" If that even makes sense. Is it really bad that I miss people gracefully speaking like french milk? "Oue, oue, d'accord.  A demian, salut!" Or entering a store and hearing, "Bonjour"'s everywhere. Or understanding someone in french and telling them where the madeleins where (which, by the way, TOTALLY happened.)

I was a tourist for a month, and then coming back to NY felt like one all over again. I mean, imagine if I go to France for a year, I'll come back to the US and actually may be out of my mind. 



Harry Potter Obsession

This is quite an embarrasing confession here. But I am desperate so I must explain. Please note that various punctuation will be missing because I am using a french keyboard and am too stubborn to look for the correct punctuation keys::: Now, onto my confession... ;;; ;...; ;:; :; ;
You,,, you, you, neva? neva? You didnt finish Harry Potter!???

But alas, before you throw a bludger in my direction to break my skull, please remember that this was long, long ago. I must have been 5, 6, or 7 reading these books, so please do not scream at me. I too am at a loss for words, reprimanding the old me and screaming, HOW COULD YOU BE SO FOOLISH?

I remember sitting in my room PRETENDING to read them, BUT WHY cute little baby lily, WHY? because I saw a movie once where a kid pretends to read a book but is actually doing something else behind the pages. When his mother walks in the room it looks like he is reading a boring book about a cat and a sock, but in reality is looking at a picture book. Little did I know that the harry potter book in my hands was far, FAR more interesting then coloring in a picture of a cow.

So it is true my friends, the old me never got through the fourth book, and honestly forgot the other three. But do not be too upset, because now, NOW I have awoken! I have awoken, and changed and will merrily read the books. all of them, then see the last movie. 

But theres a problem. As there always is, because I am in France. And I could only find the first two books in my house before leaving my home land. And Ive just finished reading them... and am jumping off the florr in excitement to read the next five... but I dont have them.

LILY WANTS HARRY POTTER BOOK THREE!!! wahhhh, and then four; and then five, ane then six, and then seven. So please. Just take a moment and feel sorry for Lily. Who will have to wait until september, unless she finds her hands magically on the next few books, or atleast just the third one. Just, take a moment, and feel bad. Cry a little. Yes, shed a tear.

That is all.

You may go now... 
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