Teenager chooses typewriter over iPad


I've had Night Moon ( right)  for 4 years.
I've had Tom Thumb (middle) for a while, only I didn't know it. He was hiding in the hallway closet.
I've had Blue Jay (left) for around three or four months.

The day has come, that iPads roam the earth. Okay no, not quite yet. Scientists are still in their labs attaching legs to computers and giving them brains to see if they can think on their own. Soon enough this experiment will deem successful and there is no turning back, computers will  take us over. But until then, we have iPads. And after iPads we have iPad2s!

See, I can't deny loving iPads. They are so fun. They are so fun! You can put your finger on the screen and move it around and then wooosh, it moves things around, and I can play solitaire on it, and I can read my email on it, and I can like... do my homework on it. Or read articles on it, or read BOOKS on it. I love the iPad I do, but I love the past more.

Huh? What do you mean Master Lily? The past? Like... past? The past as in white wigs? To which I answer, "Kind of... kind of..." See, it is not as though I see wearing wigs as a treasure at all. I personally do not feel like wigs are all the comfortable, and white isn't my color, but see, at the same time, I think what is interesting is the way things were done in the past. The present is all about what is convenient, but if convenient means zooming away in an ugly aerodynamic car, then I'd rather ride a beautiful 1930's car. Although that of course has a much worse gas mileage... So never mind, I'd just rather not drive a car. But I'd rather look at an antique car, and I'd rather live in a society with beautiful cars (and only some people own them) than a world where practically everyone owns a car, that may have better gas mileage then the cars from 60 years ago, but because everyone has it, the outcome is even worse for the environment. We don't need cars gosh darn it! Ride your friggin bicycle!

If convenient means typing on a computer and pressing print, I'd rather have fun on a typewriter. Of course, someone who actually lived when typewriters were around might as well call me mad, because I am merely interested in something I am not used to. If I had grown up with typewriters I'd probably be typing a letter to my friend complaining, "Can you imagine our parents used to write letters on paper with a quill? That seems so much better... "

I guess what I'm trying to say is I am falling into the "I wish I didn't live in this time" trap. Just like in the movie Midnight in Paris. Everyone wants the past because it is more interesting. I feel like in the past people thought more and people were more interesting, but chances are there were people thinking the same thing in the past. We are merely hard to please... But YES... I'd rather not get sucked into the technologies of today, but rather explore and try to understand how people used to get by. I want to write more, read more, exercise more, sing more, act more, play music more, have fun more, and I think typewriters are fun! And iPads, although they are beautiful and convenient and lovely to most people, are to me an obstacle and distraction from other things. If I had already lived a life of typewriters things may be different, but for the time being I am interested in typewriters more than iPads that may or may not develop legs.


Don't forget the alarm clock

See, I am guilty of being very much a sloppy dope. 
So sorry to disregard the faith you have in my challenges, but you should have taken the hint when I didn't write a bunch... The thing is... I've been waking up at 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 7, 6, 10, 11, 10, 7, 8, 5, 6, 7, 7, 6, 5. Inconsistently, and NOT like a 5am challenge. 


But of course, I am full of excuses... See, it all started with the break... I went skiing with my friend Megan, and well I had to live life as a bum who wakes up at 10. (no offense meg.) No matter how many times I tried to wake her up early it didn't work! In fact, I got myself a beating. It's called the silent treatment and glares. See, I thought it would be a good idea to get up at 6 instead of 6:30 to go skiing. (Just getting slightly closer to that 5 am mark.) So I set the alarm to 6am. 
Only thing was it was her alarm. And although I told her I set it, I hadn't quite mentioned I set it 30 minutes early. And well, it turns out she never even heard that I had set the alarm, so no one bothered to take the phone upstairs. --BIG MISTAKE-- 

I'm a deep sleeper so come 6am the entire household was awoken except for me. And Megan went down "in the dark" to turn off the obnoxious, rapidly increasing in volume shock of a noise. NEVER steal sleep from megamoo. 
Never again, I told myself. See, it was a trap! Those beautiful few days in Vermont. I got to ski, but I didn't get to wake up at 5. 
Yet tata! No fear! I am back in the ZOOOOONEEEEE! 
Tomorrow it starts again. 
I am meeting my bud Lola to play ukelele a few hours before school starts at 6:30am.:) 
It'll be fun cause we don't play the ukelele... 
Until we meet again when I get the energy to write down my winter break adventures.... 

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