Antique Cars

Here I am in my paradise, taken away from the reality of the universe. No loud cars, honking noises, shouting. The loudest noises here in Nantucket are the birds that start to sing at 4:30 am. I thought I was being very observant to the fact that Nantucket seems to have a lot of antique car holders. Every few miles I'll see an antique car, snap a photo. Of course, I didn't realise there was a Nantucket Antique Car Rental in town till yesterday. GOOD JOB Lily...


  1. great pic ... looks like your centered ..

  2. Thanks! When I took that first picture I was actually in a moving car, I was just lucky it didn't come out blurry.

  3. That's cool you have an Antique car rental place in town,I have never even heard of that.Of course that's small town Canada for ya and I don't get out much,so that could be a couple of reasons why.

    Nice job with the pictures they look great.If I could I think I would rent that green truck with the tire on the hood and the spotlight on it,looks kind of cool!

  4. Thank you so much! I think Nantucket is one of the few places that actually have an antique rental shop, but I think it is pretty cool. That truck is really interesting. Thanks for commenting!


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