Day Eleven

Yes! I have been getting up early early early for 11 days. It has become a part of me!
It has become something I really, really love and I feel so strange when I don't get up early.
Like- today.
After a really stressful two days (thursday: french presentation, math test, science test. friday: inclass essay) I thought I would give myself a break and wake up when I felt like it. I got up at 9... And I felt- HORRIBLE.
Never again will I be so strange! NINEEEEEEEEE FELT HORRID!
Yet, I am going to have to be more practical. For example: I am going skiing with my friend for four days.  There's no way I'll be able to convince her to wake up at 5am... Maybe 8... Maybe 7. . . Not 5... But, if I wake at 5am, I'll be tired by NINE at night. That might just force her head to fly off. So, I think I'll wake up at 6am when I am skiing? Is that okay? Six is still early! and when I get back home I'll go back to 5 I promise!

For example... TOMORROW. Is Christmas.
Remember that Lily? Christmas. Remember last year, you woke up at around nine? Your head hurt. Your hair was a MESS. Your braces hurt. You looked in the mirror and you looked like a swollen plum? You felt so late because your mom was already awake? And was saying WWWWWWAAAKE UP LILYYYY!!!!!!!!!!! .....

GUESSSSSS WHATTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Day Four

The last two nights I have woken up before my alarm. WOOHOO!  except, well... today... I mean, last night I went to bed at 11 cause I ate dinner really late. And well, this morning I felt awful.

I got up at 5:10...

I got up...

I walked around like a zombie child...

I tried to turn ont he light but I tripped on my shoes...

I then broke my NOSE!
hhhhhhhhhha , no.

um, yes so then I tried to get up while yawning uncontrollably.
andd well I fell asleep.

From 6 until 7.


But it's okay because I needed the sleep and I'll get up at 5 tomorrow


(The REAL Day Two)

Time in bed: 10:00pm
Time woke up: 5:10am
Time now: 8:52pm

That's right people-- I did it, again. Woohyywhoohaa! Yet, I can't say it was smooth. 

For one, I woke up at 5:10. Not that it matters, just saying... Two, my mom was awaken because I decided to use my cow clock today. See, this cow clock again is REALLY ALARMING. No way of sleeping past that baby. It also happens to be really hard to turn off in the dark. At 5:10 it went, MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
and I got up ina  matter of milliseconds, then I fumbled with it for a while while it accumulated in noise going, MOO mOOOOO mOOOOO MOOO MOOO MOO MOO MOO!!!!! MOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That would be when my mom on the other side of the house woke up. I then shut it off.

I guess this calls for a little convinience light next to my head so I can trun off the cow in the early morning. wink wink daddy;) no, maybe, yes? Yes, no, maybe so? 

I'll take that as a maybe. :) 


Day Two- I did it.

Why hello there!
5 minutes ago I woke up.
I feel amazing!
It's 5:05 am!

I am going to go brush my teeth, have some breakfast and finish some homework.
THEN I will use my time doing things I enjoy!

I will let you know how I'm feeling later after the fatigue sets in!

:]Let's see if I don't fall asleep accidentally... 


DAY ONE- 5am 30 Day Challenge

Time up: 8:10 am 
Time in bed- WAIT WHAT?!


Yes, yes randomfeet believers. I am a failure. 
An absolute failure. 

Please explain yourself gurrl...
Yes, yes alright, well you see... I set my alarm last night for 5:00am. I put the volume on an extremely obnoxiously loud volume and stuck it about a foot away from my ear. I closed my eyes and fell asleep. I slept. and slept. And slept, and well I slept a lot and SLEPT THROUGH MY ALARM. 

I was so deep in sleep that not only did I not hear the alarm, but when my mother was woken up with a start and came to the living room to shut it off (By the way I slept on the couch to make sure my bed wasn't to comfortable to leave in the morning.) she began to shake me and I supposedly got up and said, ohkayyy mommmm stooooppp.. 

I ABSOLUTELY did NOT do that. 

I was sleep talking. 

So while my mom turned off the alarm and attempted to sleep again but had difficulty, I ignorantly kept on sleeping until 6:30 when I heard my dad's big slippers clanking in the living room. 

Wonder how his slippers woke me when my alarm didn't... 

At 6:30 I realized it wasn't 5 o'clock and got very angry at my phone that lay near my head. I wondered what the heck happened and why it didn't ring. And then somewhere in my rapid thoughts I fell asleep again. And then woke up twenty minutes later than I usually do for school.

To make a story short, I really failed. 

Even on the way to school running late I flipped off my skooter, sending my back pack flying over my head and off my back, and ripping my pants ripped on the sidewalk. I had to run up to the third floor in this condition but I did it magically in about a minute and got there exactly on time. 

That part of me was less failure-like.

The rest remains the epitome of well, -- me.  
Big dreams, big words, big ideas, and then well you see... I CAN'T CONTROL WHETHER I CAN WAKE UP OR NOT! 

So-- hard.

So, day one was an utter failure but I won't let it get to my heart. I have two options for tomorrow. And I have new unfortunate factors. One, my mom doesn't want to be woken up again. And two, I evidently need a new alarm clock system other than my cell phone.

So here are the options.

1) Put my phone on vibrate and put it in my hand or right next to my ear. That will probably make me feel tingly and wake me up.


2) Crank out the mooing alarm clock. See, this alarm clock is so ALARMING that I will wake up without a doubt and if it is close enough to my face I can turn it off before my mom wakes up.

So, what do you say?
What should I do fellers? 
Let me know. 

The challenge continues. It only has gotten slightly more challenging because I can't even get the first thing down. Actually GETTING UP.

be ready. 

Tomorrow will work.



Once upon a time there was a girl named Lily who forgot about time. Her forgetful nature started after falling on her face one lazy afternoon. The impact impaired her memory and sense of time and just like that, two months fell out of the sky without a thought! And when we don't think we don't blog. So, that's my excuse.

It has been two months since I've posted. That's coooky. But who cares? I have a surprise! 

Tomorrow is the first day of THE 30 DAY CHALLANGE.

The 30 day challenge?!

For 30 days I will wake at 5am in an attempt to be more productive in my life's daily routine. No longer will I permit days of fatigue and lasyness. OH NO! I will now commence a journey into a life of one who rises early and get's the perfect amount of sleep based on what the body is telling me I need.

--Now hold up-- Y'all gotta be wondering how that makes any sense. Basically I am saying, "I WILL WAKE UP AT 5AM for 30 days and magically feel well rested because I wake up early and don't sleep!"

But I have been inspired by Steve Pavlina 's blog about self improvement. His idea encircles the theory that the body knows when it should sleep if everyday we wake at the same time. So, let's say I wake up at 8 am every morning, I can know that I am sleeping a good amount because when 10 pm comes around I feel tired and I go to bed. But the next day I may not feel tired until 12 am, yet that is okay. The idea is that the body knows when it should sleep. Read his post about it it's great!

So yes. 
Now the question lies as to why 5 am?

The answer lies as to, I like to wake up early. I don't wake up early, but when I do I feel really, really good. I feel ahead of the game and I feel like I have a lot of time. If I woke up at 6am every morning, I wouldn't feel much different simply because it is only one hour earlier than usual for school, but 5 am I think is the perfect challenge and that is the number the guy Steve did in his experiment. 

Want to join me?
Everyday I will write about how weird I feel waking up so early, and you can post your feelings too. Try it! Think about it, if you woke up early you may have the opportunity to do things you often don't have time to do like... Eat breakfast (me), wash your hair (me), read (me), write (me), create (me), paint (me), draw (me), speak a different language (me). I never have time because after school I have homework and I am exhausted. But if I start the day earlier I will have that morning rush of energy to do the things I love and care about.....

SO, The day commences tomorrow at 5am.
Everyday I will write the time I woke up exactly. (Should be around 5:00 - 5:10) And the time I went to bed. ALSO anything productive I did in the morning.

I can do it. 


If so, send a picture of yourself with a cut out mustache on your face to lilzkoool@gmail.com and join the 30 day challenge team. Together we can wake up early, dun dun duuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnn.


Harry Potter.

I um, well... I finished the harry potter series and therefore my life is over.

I was in Pennsylvania, reading you know. When I realized I was on the last 100 pages of the book. I started hyperventilating because with Harry Potter 100 pages in like 10 pages in a normal book. I knew the end was coming. So I read, and read (this was at night). And I decided to go to bed and save the end of the book to the morning...

WARNING DO YOU READ THIS IF YOU HAVE NOT READ THE BOOKS. I AM NOT KIDDING. IN FACT, I am so utterly scared that you will read this anyways and the series will be ruined for you that I'm not going to say it. But I will in code.

Okay, people who read the books, you know the thing that he harry boy finds out about his connection to  he who must not be named, he gets it through a pensive, with ummm severus... yes? well, remember the thing about um going to cloud land with um people that are in the same state as the harry parents? well i stopped reading there, and then I had a dream that I WAS HARRY. And when I woke up, my golly I was confused.

Then that morning I finished it. And after going into shock of finishing the series, I realized I was in fact beyond happy with it, it was beautiful, JK Rowling twisted my mind in ways I thought impossible. I was FLABBERGASTED. I was in shock but I was so happy and well I shifted into a giggly state of galloping across the river.

*** Also, in case you are wondering why a 15 year old only finished the Harry Potter series this year... I was a deprived child.


The Egg

So there I was, sitting on the couch, you know staring at the wall. Don't we all do that? I guess not. Well that's what we people do with no televisions. Stare at walls. Anyways, I was feeling very groggy, so I got up really fast and started walking around the house. Of course then, well, I fainted hahaha. No no! LIES! I tell you lies! I did not faint. But has it ever happened to you when you get up really suddenly and then kind of feel like collapsing would be the best thing to do at the moment? Ha, well yet again I feel as though few people will agree with me that it is normal, just as few people will agree with my friend that earth worms or cute, or that stealing a fork from a restaurant marks a person as extremely rebellious. No, that just makes me giggle. Yet, I fear I may never again be able to look at an earth worm the same again. Anyways--  I was lying on the ground thinking that the ceiling was very strange when I felt a lump under me, I got up and looked down and saw utter stick lip gloss. I put it on, and pop!


Lily the obese monkey sumo wrestler was born! I jumped up and started running around and had new energy like never before! So everyone, if you ever feel groggy or tired, light headed or sick, grab an utter stick lip balm and get kicking. Then of course cook up an egg and eat it too. Hard boiled. Yum, yes alright is that what I hear? My egg is ready? "Ohhhh eeeggggg?? Are you there??" "Yep, ready and yummy!" "Coming darling!!"

And this marks the end of my thoughts on Saturday night 8:46 PM
Tata for now children!


Ukulele in the subway

What better way to feel free than to break into song on a subway? No. Don't get too excited, I didn't pull out my ukulele and break into song on the subway. I'm not that amazing. But rest assured that I know someone who did. My very good friend whose name I will not display incase she is frightened someone may stalk her to see her ukulele skills. Yes, we were on the subway and I told her to play her ukulele and without second thought she did. And she sang. And it was hilarious.

I love the idea of being able to break into song on the subway and adding a smile to a stranger's face. The idea of not being shy or embarrassed and just doing it. Whatever you feel like. Why not show the world that you are awesome?

One of these day I will break into song. :) Just gotta work on my guitar. Or borrow my g-mas ukulele. Or just grab my harmonica.


My child, my life, and my ideal meal.

Hello. Welcome to paradise. This is my screen saver by the way. I meant to put it in a little heart shaped locket and carry it around my neck all day, but the ink ran out in my printer so... you know... that didn't happen. But, just to make it clear. Cheese. Is. My. Life.

Cheese has always been my life. I'm betting on a string cheese that my first word was cheese. Although I'll just as readily loose that bet because I'm pretty sure my first world was actually bootuh! attempting to say bouteille which is french for bottle. Okay, so maybe my first love was soy milk in a bottle (other wise known as Genetically Modified Organism Soy milk in a bottle) ... Oh how my mind is corrupted... But still. Cheese is my friend okay?

Have you ever been in language class, and the teacher asks you "What did you do yesterday?" Now of course, if they had asked me this in English it would have been weird.. But since it was Spanish class it made sense. See, the only problem was that the only thing I really knew how to say in Spanish was, "Yo come a mi casa queso." <- Even though I'm sure that's not grammatically correct, I said it. And although I'm sure people thought I was just being odd, it is very true sometimes. "I eat at my house, cheese." When I am dismissed from school I sometimes rush home on my miniature scooter, zooming along the blocks, to arrive at my house and find Jarlsberg in my fridge. But see, that's the thing, there isn't always Jarlsberg in fridge. Because if you know Jarlsberg (like in terms of friendship) you'd know, as I do, that he's expensive. Oh, he's very expensive, and only when he's on sale do we buy him, and eat him.... EATTTTTTTTTTTTT HIMMMMMMMMMM

I'm sure you are thinking that I randomly searched the web for photos of Jarlsberg for this post and decided to use this one, but have you ever been more wrong? No, I saw this.... With my own eyes. See that hand holding it? Yep. That's mine. I know. You're impressed. And you should be. You really should be. Because it is impressive. It's very impressive. I saw this sitting on the cheese counter, and I took out my camera, held it high and took a picture, for the world to see.


GMOs and Vegetable Juices

Do not eat anything. That is my advice. If you have seen Food Inc, you may very well agree. Everyone is evil. Live in a shack, with some geese, a chicken, and a hatchet. But whatever you do, do not go to the super market, and live in modern day, because the evil people will get you! In case you haven't seen Food Inc, I highly recommend it, for many reasons:

1. I want more people to realize how hard it is to look at a nice chicken wing and feel guilty eating it and 2. You really deserve to know.

Now of course you wonder... Deserve to know what? To which I reply... I think it's time for you to see the movie...... Then you will know! If you don't watch it you will never ever ever know what I am talking about and won't that just drive you mad?

If you have seen Food Inc, welcome to the club, I hope you feel the same way I do.

I hope you own a juicer. I hope you buy organic veggies. I hope you go to Shake Shack instead of McDonalds, and Trader Joe's instead of WalMart. I hope you eat at home and over all, I hope you realize that the world is full of people that want to poison you! Oh, but I don't wish to scare you. Oh not at all, just I have some advice. Simple. Simple advise. Easy if you think about it.  I would advise you to pack up your bags, buy a goat for company, and set off to the woods, where you know your food hasn't been put through many chemicals to make it last, and where you know "natural" means natural. But then again, that's much easier said than done. Because I told myself that would make the most sense when I saw Food Inc in April. And woopdedoo, still in a city. Still in an apartment, still BLOGGING. I mean, COME ON! People who own goats don't BLOG. They own goats. They feed their goats. They eat GOAT cheese.

Alright, back to History homework...


nothing really matters

nothing really matters. 

nothing really matters. one of the reasons I am sometimes extremely confused by my lack of courage in uncomfortable situations and in myself. listening to Freddie Mercury repeat in a calm, collected, and reassured, and wise voice that nothing really matters makes me feel ridiculous for never realizing it before. because really, really, what matters? what are the reasons we do things in the first place? to make ourselves happy? if it doesn't make you happy, it doesn't matter. If it ruins your life, the problem doesn't matter. If you feel lost and have "lost" yourself, don't know who you are, why worry about it at all? it doesn't matter if you say it doesn't matter. who says it matters? why does it matter? why think it matters? questions like these I really like, for once everything, all together, every last emotion piling down on myself is lifted. possibly, nothing matters. and for that we have nothing to worry about. we are who we are and the world is what it is. we do what we do possibly for a reason. if happy with what life throws at you fine, you don't need to fix it, because it doesn't really matter. so simple its complex and vexing. it doesn't matter if you think it makes no utter sense. 


Everyone Speaks ENGLISH Here...

I just got back from France yesterday. So if any of you were wondering, "where the heck are my random feet?" the answer varies. Randomfeet was taking a little summer break from the computer, and your random feet are secured to the bottom of your legs. HAHAHA Oh lily, you just get funnier everyday. 

Now that I have stopped talking to myself, I will continue on to express my utter confusion while entering the states once again. Let me take you back to entering the airplane. I got into the airplane at 10Am (France time, 4Am NY time) and La di da di da sat down in my coach seat, anxiously awaiting the time I could spend hours (eight to be exact) doing absolutely nothing important. And by that I mean watching television, movies, playing elephant memory games with mr. I love peanuts, and listening to Hindu music. The plane took off and I did exactly that. But what was so strange was feeling like it was only midday when I got out of the plane (the time it was in NY). In France however it was 6PM. Maybe doing absolutely nothing all day tricked my mind into thinking 8 hours was really only two? 

Anyways, I get into the car. My dad has turned into an excited wilderness explorer monkey while I was away. In the back trunk thrives a forest of bamboo, squashes, and pretty flower things. Followed by vegetables, and of course the juicer isn't in the car, it's in the apartment. I hear him talking about Pennsylvania (the house we are fixing) in the background while I look ignorantly out the window. 

Thoughts leaving my head like, "Did that person just say thank you very much, or am I imagining it?" "Look! Shiny yellow car!" "Oh my god, that sign is in ENGLISH." "Where'd my baker go?" "ENGLISH?"

When my dad handed the tunnel lady a 5 dollar bill I stared at it like a lost child. 

"Can- can- can I see that?"

My dad handed me a one dollar bill to play with. I couldn't help feeling like it was only truly a piece of paper that had a picture of an old guy on it. I missed the shiny color money from France.

Later I walked around and felt really weird. Everyone was speaking english. I was so used to having to use my brain when listening to people, only understanding about 85% of what they were saying, that when I heard "YEAH, YEAH, OKAY SEE YA... OHKAYY BYE." I felt like I was out of place. I felt like I was on a block with a bunch of people that go home and sing, "BLA BLA BLA! BLA BLA!" If that even makes sense. Is it really bad that I miss people gracefully speaking like french milk? "Oue, oue, d'accord.  A demian, salut!" Or entering a store and hearing, "Bonjour"'s everywhere. Or understanding someone in french and telling them where the madeleins where (which, by the way, TOTALLY happened.)

I was a tourist for a month, and then coming back to NY felt like one all over again. I mean, imagine if I go to France for a year, I'll come back to the US and actually may be out of my mind. 



Harry Potter Obsession

This is quite an embarrasing confession here. But I am desperate so I must explain. Please note that various punctuation will be missing because I am using a french keyboard and am too stubborn to look for the correct punctuation keys::: Now, onto my confession... ;;; ;...; ;:; :; ;
You,,, you, you, neva? neva? You didnt finish Harry Potter!???

But alas, before you throw a bludger in my direction to break my skull, please remember that this was long, long ago. I must have been 5, 6, or 7 reading these books, so please do not scream at me. I too am at a loss for words, reprimanding the old me and screaming, HOW COULD YOU BE SO FOOLISH?

I remember sitting in my room PRETENDING to read them, BUT WHY cute little baby lily, WHY? because I saw a movie once where a kid pretends to read a book but is actually doing something else behind the pages. When his mother walks in the room it looks like he is reading a boring book about a cat and a sock, but in reality is looking at a picture book. Little did I know that the harry potter book in my hands was far, FAR more interesting then coloring in a picture of a cow.

So it is true my friends, the old me never got through the fourth book, and honestly forgot the other three. But do not be too upset, because now, NOW I have awoken! I have awoken, and changed and will merrily read the books. all of them, then see the last movie. 

But theres a problem. As there always is, because I am in France. And I could only find the first two books in my house before leaving my home land. And Ive just finished reading them... and am jumping off the florr in excitement to read the next five... but I dont have them.

LILY WANTS HARRY POTTER BOOK THREE!!! wahhhh, and then four; and then five, ane then six, and then seven. So please. Just take a moment and feel sorry for Lily. Who will have to wait until september, unless she finds her hands magically on the next few books, or atleast just the third one. Just, take a moment, and feel bad. Cry a little. Yes, shed a tear.

That is all.

You may go now... 


Alice in Wonderland DUCK TAPE Bag

Once upon a time Lily typed in the words, "How to make a duct tape messenger bag" on youtube. She observed the tutorial. And then she created a duct tape messenger bag. Then she went to bed and the next day went to a Yankees game. But that is beyond the point. The point is that a duct tape bag was created. And Lily is proud. So Lily will post it on her blog of which she has not posted in a while, and is feeling guilty. I, the narrator, will cease to continue summarizing the events in Lily's life. Enjoy the bag.

^^(click on the image above to zoom in :] )

The alice and wonderland part is not duct tape but the rest is!



it holds BOOKS... >:) 


Meet Wilber.

Who is this? 
WHO is this? 
Who is Wilber? 
The question is so very taunting. So very daunting. So very questioning of a question that is such an answer to have. (that made sense.) 

Well, first off, I need to explain my obsession, and I mean OBSESSION with the name Wilbur. Wilbur, Wilbur, Wilbur. I want you to take a moment and think, what do I think of when I think of the name Wilbur? Just think... Close your eyes and come up with some scenarios. 

Do you see Wilbur from Charlotte's Web? 
Or.. do you possibly see a cute, chubby 5 year old boy with rosy cheeks, blond hair, and a blueberry muffin in his right hand? 
Or something else? (I'm curious to know...)

Well, to be honest, option B is the exact image I see in my head. If you see this too raise your hands in the air and scream, HALLALUYAH AYMENN SISTA LILY WE ARE THE SAME! If you also are obsessed with Jarlsberg and have a wound on your toe... Something is UP. LOOK up at the ceiling, try your best to climb it. (I'm talking standing on a chair and jumping.) Once you touch the ceiling chant, I want my baby back baby back baby back baby back baby back baby back ribs. *Chili's* Baby back ribs. (Fat bastard... Austin powers.) Then open your window and say, I HAVE A WOUND ON MY TOE!!!!!!!!

Back to business...

No, my family has not adopted a small blond, chubby five year old. We do not feed him muffins. We do not take him to the carousel and play catch with the fella, witnessing him miss the ball and be hit in his face. (which by the way doesn't hurt, because he is very chubby if I must remind you.) No, no, no. Wilber... 
W-W-Wilber is the new, 
                                                                     thing that showed up in a box yesterday. 

It came in a box. 
My father got it from the UPS man, walked over to the table extremely quietly, smirk on his (extremely) tanned face... (MY lord, he is a leather skin!) He put it on the table, and let me tell you I let out a scream. Nope, more like a yelp. A yelp of uncontrollable joy, holey moley. 


I know
            I know
                        I know
                                    I know
                I KNOW!!!!!!!! 
                                         I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

 If you haven't read my Camera post... CLICK HERE TO READ IT!

I can't, again, contain this vast joy. REFRIGERATOR! 
SHOUT OUT to daddy and mommy, grandma and grandpa, and my cute little alice and wonderland money box, and of course cassidy who sits on her butt complaining about how I stole her 14 bucks she would have donated... I can't thank you guys enough! Without you we wouldn't have this camera. (which is not only mine, it is a family camera!) STILL AWESOME. THANK. YOU. THANK. YOU. THANK. YOU.

Because thanks to you, we have Wilber. And WILBER is turning two days old tomorrow.

Two days old. 

P.S. Cassidy I didn't steal your 14 buckarroos. 


Maybe I'm a tornado.

My door remains closed today, for if another human enters and faints in fear I might just cry. You could say my room is messy. Or you could say it is a sign of genius, or creativity, or some other ridiculous thing lazy and messy people make up to make themselves feel better. Yea... That would be me. See, but- I have an excuse! I am a student. Una estudiante! Through the hours, HOURS, of hard work.. there rests no time to clean my room. But most people can say that right? And most people can say: yea, my room is a mess. But seriously. Seriously. I don't think there has ever been a messier room then mine, ever. Ask anybody who has been in there in the past finals week. It has reached complete and utter destruction. I'm scared of it. I never go in there. I dread the fear of falling on my face from tripping on clothing and batteries, notebooks and lamps, muffin baskets and stuffed animals, pens and earrings, this list will continue... um, papers are everywhere too. It looks like a tornado hit it. And a tornado did kind of hit it, considering my windows were left open one night with a lot of wind, but honestly the wind didn't do much damage. But that can be my excuse... Ha, yes, my room.. A tornado hit it, so you know, I got to get some professional help here. And besides, I'm a student with hours of work, what's more important good grades or a clean room? 

YEA, well... Schools over. So umm... It's time to cook some clothing. 
Yes. I said cook as opposed to clean or tidy or something that made sense. You see, I was in the elevator once and an old women slowly came in the door way. She looked up and said hi, and then proceeded with, "I've got to check if my laundry's cooked!" I've used that phrase ever since. So, yes. It's time to cook some clothing, and then proceed to tidy my desk, and then of course get into some serious decorating. Because now I have the time. And the patience. And the desire. My. Room. Will. Be. The. Cooliest.
Just you wait and see!
Just you wait and see. 


Happy Fathers Day DADDIO

What makes my dad special? Possibly it's his ability to completely obsess over little things for weeks, and his inability to stop talking about it. Currently it's eating raw foods, blending fruits and vegetables into juices, and forcing hemp vitamins down my throat. "Do you want a juice?" I feel like that should be tattooed on his face. "Do you want celery in your juice?" No, dad, for the last time! I do not take joy in drinking celery. Does that not frighten anyone? Drinking celery. Apparently not my dad, who drinks them up and up and secretly puts them in my vegetable drinks even when I tell him not to. I told him no ginger either and I tasted it in my drink yesterday. Sneaky, my dad is, and hilariously excited about eating right. I am now fully convinced that eating right can cure many "incurable" diseases out there, mainly because I hear him ranting about it in the background as I attempt to do my history homework. But his sudden urges to do things differently really do make me smile, and make my dadio unique. It usually comes along in the winter time when he isn't working the Yankees, walking around with knee high socks and a bandanna on his forehead. In the winter, he will come out of his room and have a new project idea. A few years back he came up with the idea for me to have a project runway birthday party, which was a really big success, another was to make aprons for everyone in the family for Christmas. This was remotely after the project runway faze, because the sewing machines were still out and the fabric was still in our hands reach. So, we took the fabric, and made aprons. Now, who else can say their father makes aprons? Not many, yes, I feel special. 

The next winter came making bread, although this obsession has died down, it is not gone forever as the apron faze seems to be. Occasionally he will make another one of his breads and try to feed it to me. That is another thing, I am always refusing his creative cooking attempts. He will use buttermilk, whole wheat flour, powdered milk, and other little things that kind of creep me out in his baking. I eventually try them, and even if I don't seem to be a fan dad, I love when you try to make things! I know I am making it seem like he can't cook for his life, but he really can. In fact, most humans enjoy his food, it may just be me refusing his bread and homemade hummus. Still, his dinner time meals are never to be brushed off, they are soooo yummmmy

He's blending some vegetables as we speak. hAhaAHAHA! 


Times have changed in Lilyville.
I don't feel good using this blog to make money. (which didn't end up working anyways: *see here*)
I filled out this form as to why I should get my ads back and then all of a sudden I didn't want to click the button. It was like, I was happy not having ads on my site. First of all, they are just annoying. I mean yes, once there was an advertisement about cheese which made me flip in the air! But otherwise it was about stupid things like teeth whitening and buying meat. It just didn't make sense. But I was blinded by the mula, and the dream of buying a camera.
I've decided to not send in my request for advertising.
It was kind of a thing that could have only been successful when I was displayed on blogs of note because then I was getting 1000s of views a day. Now, although still around 300 views, I feel like my profit gain of about 10 cents a day isn't worth the ugly ads all over my site. I also think that not having ads ADDS to the cooliness of having a cool blog. It's like, oooooo looky here! This person doesn't have annoying ads and isn't falling into the industrial world she lives in. Full of advertising and fat people that eat mcdonalds everyday. -- Wait, that came out randomly. But poopsickle, THIS IS A RANDOM BLOG SO LET IT BE! I don't appreciate people that eat mcdonalds everyday I'm sorry. If you can afford vegetables and sandwiches that do not coem from abused animals and workers, then do it. I really don't think there's an excuse for obesity in here. Don't go on some fat-free diet for a week and expect it to go away. Eat. Vegetables. Every. Day... Do some jumping jacks. Thank you.

PHHHHHHEEEEWWWW... Look at me being mean. I don't like being mean. But eating McDonalds.. no mcdonalds (it doesn't DESERVE to be capitalized) is being mean. Cruel. Evil even. Don't be evil. Eat at home. GOT IT? I sure hope so! Let's eat some organic cheese now shall we?

Wait, this is weird. I don't know what's going on but the idea of eating cheese does NOT interest me at this moment in time. For a while now... Cheese hasn't been on my mind. WHAT IS GOING ON? All I really want to do is pet it instead of eating it. So, I'm going to go into my kitchen and possibly pet some cheese. Sounds good.



So... the mystery of the post on June 11th will be revealed. Unfortunately, no one was able to guess it! And so there will be no prize other than to myself.
Yes, I will be getting a prize.
Possibly...some rest? yes.. some rest!

Any who! If you observe at the end of the post, the words read, "Sleep No More Lily! Sleep No More."  I was hoping someone would point out that the words "Sleep No More" should read, "sleep no more". Without the random capitalization of the first letter in each word. Because this, my friends, was the clue to the answer... Unfortunately, nobody took my hint in the comments to victory. If someone had simply typed those words into google... But no, (russian accent) I tell you now the answer! 

The adventure I was describing on June 11 was Sleep No More, a show in new york city... An interactive show thingamagiggy that if you can, you HAVE TO SEE IT.

Maybe over time my viewers will become better sleuths. Mwaha . amwahah , ahhawhaha. (again, russian accent. So if you didnt read this last sentence in a russian accent please go back and read it again.) <- This sentence was a british accent. <- This one was a brooklyn !!!! jk KAY GUNA EAT A BUNNY<_ crazed man. .. .. . HAGHAGSAEJTsgzbdvkdhg 

Any who! It was no dream, although it felt like one. It was no book, no movie, nothing but something I actually experienced. Which is why I loved it so much. I was in this "movie" this "dream" it felt REAL. And so, my friends, you must go. 
                                                                 ***And  just as a side note, from now on if I say something followed with, "my friends"....  I am imitating an old russian feller. :) 



A total of 64 people voted on the poll: 

A post about purple elephants
  11 (17%)
An undercover special (dress up like someone else and face the world)
  20 (31%)
Super spy mission in which I take pictures of complete strangers... hehehe
  35 (54%)
A piece of art
  3 (4%)
A piece of writing
  5 (7%)
A random ramble
  9 (14%)
another subway buddy
  12 (18%)
A deathly poison? ... made with the ingredients in my cabinet.
  9 (14%)

So it looks like we want some serious sleuthing... I will be going on some pretty fabulous adventures... And documenting them, because my grandma lent me her camera! yeeeeeeeeesssssssssss!!!!! 

Be excited everyone. Be excited. 


Watermelon Pie!

Nah! I didn't have water melon pie. But instead, I went to the barbers market and ate a watermelon stew. With lots and lots and lots of little little bugs inside. And within the watermelon, left me clueless to the point of seeking refuge in a hair cut. So what is this mysterious evening? What is the clue to which leads you to the truth. just remember children, just remember that the answer is in the way you say hello and the way you say hello to those that say goodbye, so why, why darlinks, do the bugs rest firmly on the wall? squashed like bugs... because they are bugs. that is why they are squashed, like bugs and that is why they cry, like bugs and dine like bugs and whine like bugs and poop like bugs! and oh here is where I lose the rhyme, and with time, so will you.


An adventure is what I experienced. So lost in another world that I wasn't in reality any longer. I was inside a movie, but not the star. Not the star, and not really in it. And it wasn't a movie either. Except when I picked up the phone and pretended to report that someone had been murdered, because the blood on the paper illustrated something had happened, then, I was in a movie. And when I walked up to the lit water fountain in a graveyard I felt like I was in a movie. -Just a moment, what is it I am talking about? Well how about I don't tell you this time. How about you read and try to piece it together, because that is what I did last night. I walked inside a reality of mystery, and became a detective, room to room I engulfed myself in clues without a goal in mind. What was I looking through? What was the mystery? The mystery was making sense of all the nonsense and of all the papers and of all the actors and of all the confusions and illusions and suspense. It was everything I have been craving for the past few months, a little sense of adventure, and the ability to leave the realm of everything being swell and entering danger, that wasn't real. I could do as I pleased, follow any instinct that existed within me. To follow that murderer, to follow that women eating raw meat, or to follow the man obviously driven mad, or to simply follow the smell of fake blood, and then find myself in a room of papers, full and full of insane asylum human reports. It was the ability to lose myself in places where humans faces are completely replaced with masks. And there was silence from our lips, the only sound penetrating my ears was the sound of music playing from hidden old fashioned radios, and sound tracks that told the actors what to do. It was like walking in a dream that someone else was having, and trying to decide what was happening, and how you had anything to do with it. The attention to detail in this place was deceiving, to the point where you begin to think you aren't in a house in Manhattan, that these people are not actors but are real, and everything before this was merely a dream. It was an adventure. I can't stress that enough! An adventure. Sleep No More Lily! Sleep No More.

click here for the answer


Oh... Camera

So, I just realized. My family doesn't have a functioning camera... And in order for me to make this blog as cool as it can possibly be, (by doing super spy missions, dressing up like people, going on adventures) my family really needs a camera! Okay, so technically we have a camera... But it just shouldn't count. And I'm being honest here papa and mum. The thing has a battery last of literally five minutes. It is just OLD. And it's funny because my mom keeps saying it's because me and my sister took too many pictures of ourselves. And I'm just thinking... W-What? Mom, you think our faces scare the camera enough to make it want to run out of battery? I mean, maybe it makes sense that the more clicks, the older it gets, the more prone it is to dying as a camera. But really, way to help our self esteems. hahaha, I'm just kidding. The other thing is our camera is just a basic point and shoot, and we've all decided it's time to get our hands on a real nice camera. And these are important years in our lives! We need to document them so that later on I have something to look back on!

This was the reason I got AdSense in the first place, so I could make a few bucks off this thing and get a camera! If you don't know what AdSense is, it's where you can sell advertisements on your blog and get some money.

On the Terms of Use it made me click a box that said, "I will not click my own advertisements!" So, naturally, I didn't, because that would be lying against some legally thing, and I really didn't want my account to be disabled. Over the course of 3 weeks I made 90 bucks and I was so excited.

But then the other day I got a message saying, "Dear Google User, because of suspicious clicking activity your account has been disabled and the money will be returned to the advertisers."

You should have seen my face when I got that email.
It was like a walrus.
I couldn't contain my laughter, and how ridiculous it was. Like, everyday I would look back and say, ooo looky looky I made 10 bucks today! YAY ME!!!!!!!!! And now, I wasn't getting any of the money, and I really wasn't going to get a camera.

So, how did the suspicious activity come to exsistence? Basically, I think when I told my friends about my blog and advertising, they saw it as a perfect opportunity for me to buy them ice cream with the extra money. I can picture them going home, on to my blog, being the suspicious clicking activity, and thinking, "Oh yea! When Lily says, "Wow how did I get all this money?" I will say, BECAUSE I CLICKED THE BUTTONS! Then add in an, I love ice cream! Look at that ice cream store!" wink wink. I can also see my mom possibly clicking the advertisements...

In the end of the day, well, I think it's too bad. Maybe next time I can block my friends' computers, or something... But as for now it looks like I'm really not going to get a camera for me or my family.

So, if you are reading this dear AdSense, (which I actually REALLY doubt you are and if you were I probably would have made it seem a little less like it was my fault...) Please, Please give me one more chance! Not for me. But for the baby camera, that cute widdle baby camera just waiting and waiting to be mine. I promise in the future I will forbid my friends and family from touching those advertisements if I get another chance, you know how? By telling them they aren't getting no ice cream out of my pocket. No but seriously. I want camera. I want want want camera. So bad that I am forgetting English.. Oh yes, I want A camera. BABOOMMM!!!!!!!!

Hey, sorry this story isn't done. SO DON'T. LEAVE.

I also made an account on QuiBids, (a stupid penny auction) to try to get my camera off there. The penny auction worked like any other penny auction, except it had robots. Illegal robots man! And I'm being completely serious. Humans do not go on there, they are robots. I actually think that QuiBids is doing something illegal, and has robots bidding constantly so that the real humans lose all their money. I know you may be thinking, "WOW Lily. Way to be a sore loser." But I'm not kidding. And it is really easy to have robots, or possibly people that work in the company win these deals. I have multiple suspicious things going on...

1. I was about to win an ELECTRIC scooter on the site and then my computer, (which was NOT out of battery) all of a sudden SHUT DOWN, and then I lost the bid. IS THAT NOT SUSPICIOUS?
2. I got suspicious that there were robots on the site, because there was one person that just kept winning and winning and winning, so I did some research and found a LOT of robot complaints. A LOT.

Words of advice:

One, do not let your friends click ads on your site, unless you want to be led into thinking you will get all this money and then it is ALL taken away from you.

And two, do not go on QuiBids, ever, it's a robot hangout.

Then three of course, don't take too many pictures of yourself on your camera, because it will eventually get so sick of you and scared, that it will lose all its battery and die.


If you could have ANYTHING right now...

I keep asking myself this question, "If you can have ANYTHING right now, what would it be?" I of course, need to reply in a very detailed manner, and it's really interesting to actually think about it. Instead of just giving a quick answer like, NO HOMEWORK or ICE CREAM, to actually think and say... Well, at this moment, this exact moment, I would really, really, like this, this, and this.

So now it is my turn to answer. And when I'm done it's your turn.

Right now... What I really would like is... I really want a little puppy in my living room... And, it would make me really happy if the sand man would come in my window and turn on the AC for me so my eyeballs don't melt. It. Is. So. Hot. In. Here. Oh. My. God. But let's get more realistic. I really want... to receive an email from the Board of Ed saying that tomorrow school is completely cancelled. That the weather is too extreme to let us travel to school. YES, a storm. A tornado. Okay, I know what you are thinking, WHAT THE HECK WHY DO YOU WANT A TORNADO. But I do, I want something crazy to happen, and no one to get hurt, but a lot of things to get blown around and destroyed! And then, then what I want is another black out.

But in terms of what I want at this exact MOMENT...

All I want is to get off the computer, drink some water, and be able to go to bed. But I can't. Cause I gotstadododo all this work!!!

alright guys, have a good night. And remember, you can have anything you want if you just close your eyes and give it to yourself. haaaaaaaaa. don't forget to comment on what you really want right now!


Oh my god that poor snail melted

Well hello there everyone.
This is just a picture of a snail that resembles how I am feeling right now:
and therefore deprived the time to write a beautiful post for you to read.
And so,
without further adieur
before you lies the beauty of many stressed out animals.
Animals that both resemble me phisically at this moment in time, and mentally.

See but one day, one beautiful day, my school work will be oh so very completed, to which I, Lily, will jump in the air and scream, KAWABUNGA MEEEE JOLLY RANCHERRR PIEEEE!!!!!!!

I hope you all hear it from how ever many miles away you are!

Right NOW I amlike this CAT.

                                                          I am starting to... you know, LOOSE MY MIND.

This cat is starting to look like me...

And the more I look at this picture the more unsure I am as to what the heck it is. 


A Potential Adventure in January

Here is an adventure sheet me and my bud Sara made one day... I laughed while reading it simply because we were just so freaking desperate for some type of adventure. Also, I vaguely remember being really enthusiastic about it. I guess I was trying to make my own personal ImprovEverywhere assignment. 

Lily and Sara Subway Adventure                                                 January 31, 2011

Toilet paper roll


Metro card
  1. Walk to the subway.
  2. Walk to the right for 5 minutes and take the first train that comes going downtown.
  3. Take the train for 3 stops
  4. Switch cars
  5. Continue on this train for another 3 stops
  6. Get out transfer to the train that is closer to the beginning of the alphabet. But if there are no transfers on this stop, kick the wall and go back on the train until there is a transfer station
  7. say KAWABUNGA REALLY LOUD when the announcer says transfer. After this WHENEVER you hear the word transfer you must say Kawabunga!
  1. Get out of the train after 4 stops and go on the underpass to the uptown
  2. Take the first uptown train and the first person you see with a blue shirt you must stand next to them.
  3. Listen for a number that someone else says or on an ad and stay on this train for that number of stops.
  4. Get out of the train and look at a map, look at the YOU ARE HERE sign and choose a destination that is on the opposite side of NY.
  5. Ask a person how to get there.
  6. When they help you offer them a cookie. (AS LONG AS THEY ARE NOT CREEPY)
  7.  Take the train the person told you to take for 4 stops. BUT during the ride SPEAK IN YOUR OWN LANGUAGE.
  8. Sara you have to get mad at Lily. Lily you have to hit Sara and make a weird foreign noise.
  9. Take a look at a map and decide what is the best train to get home, TAKE THE OPPOSITE TRAIN
  10.  TAKE OUT YOUR TOILET PAPER SARA and turn lily into a mummy. (just face)
  11. get off the train
  12. do 10 jumping jacks
  13. hop on a random train
  14. go up to the wall and smack it!
  16.  Step outside wherever you are. Find the nearest park and play in it. But only if its not TOO dangerous looking…
  17. GO HOME! And give a hobo some money. 

Unfortunately... It was really cold that day, and we didn't get to do everything on the list. But I will convince Sarita to go on the adventure with me again! hehehe
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