Alice in Wonderland DUCK TAPE Bag

Once upon a time Lily typed in the words, "How to make a duct tape messenger bag" on youtube. She observed the tutorial. And then she created a duct tape messenger bag. Then she went to bed and the next day went to a Yankees game. But that is beyond the point. The point is that a duct tape bag was created. And Lily is proud. So Lily will post it on her blog of which she has not posted in a while, and is feeling guilty. I, the narrator, will cease to continue summarizing the events in Lily's life. Enjoy the bag.

^^(click on the image above to zoom in :] )

The alice and wonderland part is not duct tape but the rest is!



it holds BOOKS... >:) 


  1. That's pretty BA. Care to share the link here? :)

  2. That is SO cool! I would definitely like to see the link!

  3. thanks!!!! Well, I watched the link below to see how it worked, and then I really just went from there. I didn't use the measurements in the video but I used the basic idea. (mine is smaller) also my straps are different. But if you follow these instructions you can make one that is pretty cool! I just didn't want mine so long.


  4. So pretty that is..Ill be your follower for this lovely post :)

  5. I love ALice in Wonderland- I AM SO JEALOUS! :)

  6. I watched the video, and I made one!!! Its not as good as yours, and I doubt you would, but you can check it out on my blog, oliversstool.blogspot.com
    It was hard work and I am proud!

  7. hi :) ,your blog and pictures are so beautiful
    i hope you can visit me at:http://photostricks.blogspot.com

  8. Oh that is so awesome! I wanna make one now!!

  9. THAT IS SO FREAKING COOL! I want one! (hey, maybe you could turn a small... or big... profit selling these to all your followers ;) I love you more and more with each post I read. so freaking awesome... did I mention? Yeah, so I'm go read some, er, more recent stuff you've posted. :)


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