Harry Potter.

I um, well... I finished the harry potter series and therefore my life is over.

I was in Pennsylvania, reading you know. When I realized I was on the last 100 pages of the book. I started hyperventilating because with Harry Potter 100 pages in like 10 pages in a normal book. I knew the end was coming. So I read, and read (this was at night). And I decided to go to bed and save the end of the book to the morning...

WARNING DO YOU READ THIS IF YOU HAVE NOT READ THE BOOKS. I AM NOT KIDDING. IN FACT, I am so utterly scared that you will read this anyways and the series will be ruined for you that I'm not going to say it. But I will in code.

Okay, people who read the books, you know the thing that he harry boy finds out about his connection to  he who must not be named, he gets it through a pensive, with ummm severus... yes? well, remember the thing about um going to cloud land with um people that are in the same state as the harry parents? well i stopped reading there, and then I had a dream that I WAS HARRY. And when I woke up, my golly I was confused.

Then that morning I finished it. And after going into shock of finishing the series, I realized I was in fact beyond happy with it, it was beautiful, JK Rowling twisted my mind in ways I thought impossible. I was FLABBERGASTED. I was in shock but I was so happy and well I shifted into a giggly state of galloping across the river.

*** Also, in case you are wondering why a 15 year old only finished the Harry Potter series this year... I was a deprived child.

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