The Egg

So there I was, sitting on the couch, you know staring at the wall. Don't we all do that? I guess not. Well that's what we people do with no televisions. Stare at walls. Anyways, I was feeling very groggy, so I got up really fast and started walking around the house. Of course then, well, I fainted hahaha. No no! LIES! I tell you lies! I did not faint. But has it ever happened to you when you get up really suddenly and then kind of feel like collapsing would be the best thing to do at the moment? Ha, well yet again I feel as though few people will agree with me that it is normal, just as few people will agree with my friend that earth worms or cute, or that stealing a fork from a restaurant marks a person as extremely rebellious. No, that just makes me giggle. Yet, I fear I may never again be able to look at an earth worm the same again. Anyways--  I was lying on the ground thinking that the ceiling was very strange when I felt a lump under me, I got up and looked down and saw utter stick lip gloss. I put it on, and pop!


Lily the obese monkey sumo wrestler was born! I jumped up and started running around and had new energy like never before! So everyone, if you ever feel groggy or tired, light headed or sick, grab an utter stick lip balm and get kicking. Then of course cook up an egg and eat it too. Hard boiled. Yum, yes alright is that what I hear? My egg is ready? "Ohhhh eeeggggg?? Are you there??" "Yep, ready and yummy!" "Coming darling!!"

And this marks the end of my thoughts on Saturday night 8:46 PM
Tata for now children!


Ukulele in the subway

What better way to feel free than to break into song on a subway? No. Don't get too excited, I didn't pull out my ukulele and break into song on the subway. I'm not that amazing. But rest assured that I know someone who did. My very good friend whose name I will not display incase she is frightened someone may stalk her to see her ukulele skills. Yes, we were on the subway and I told her to play her ukulele and without second thought she did. And she sang. And it was hilarious.

I love the idea of being able to break into song on the subway and adding a smile to a stranger's face. The idea of not being shy or embarrassed and just doing it. Whatever you feel like. Why not show the world that you are awesome?

One of these day I will break into song. :) Just gotta work on my guitar. Or borrow my g-mas ukulele. Or just grab my harmonica.
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