Slow Children

CAUTION: Slow children live here. 

BEACH camping

Have you ever slept on the beach overnight? Well let me tell you, it's fun. But you never know what may come at you. Maybe you have a wonderful time, with a moon, a sunset, you hear some nice birds singing in the morning, and you catch a lot of fish. See that would have been quite convenient. But no.

No, of course that didn't happen. See what we experienced was just as fun, if not more fun, just a little crazy. No sunset, the clouds were too thick, and as night came around we realised we lacked a moon too. Not to mention the big roaring waves that invaded our happy little spot. Waves would go under our chairs, and nearly hit our car. So we moved back. And back again. But this wasn't the worst part. You see, these waves seemed to carry all of these little jumping crabs. These crabs came in 100s. And liked our feet.

We would have 100 little crabs invading our area at one moment, and then a wave would crash and bring another hundred. And if you know the ocean, waves come frequently. Especially when they are rollers.

These jumping crabs were worse then mosquitoes and green heads put together. They will just crawl all over your feet and dance, and jump. But that hardly matters, see after a few moments of uncomfortable little crabs on your feet, they will start to dig their claws into your skin. It's disturbing. So not only were we on a loud beach, with huge crashing waves, looking up at a pitch dark sky with no moon, and an unsatisfying sunset, but we all had our legs sticking awkwardly out in the air, avoiding the little midnight jumping crabs, that liked our feet.

At about 2 in the morning we made a bed out of blankets on the damp beach. I had finally started to drift off to sleep when a crab jumps into my ear. Shall I repeat? MY EAR! My... EAR. A little jumping crab jumped its way into my ear, while I was sleeping. Do you know how absolutely disturbing it is to be half a sleep and have a gross little baby jumping crab fly into your ear? It's horrific. It's awful. So I scream, and don't deny it, you would scream too. I get out of my sleeping bag, and get the crab OUT OF MY EAR. And of course then it starts to rain, and thunder, and lightening appears, and after a few minutes the lightening comes close enough to threaten us on our metal chairs.

So we spend the night in the car.


Mr. and Mrs. Lobster-muffin

Da Da dada Da Daa Da Da Da dadada Da DA DADA DA da da dada da dadadada Da Da dada Da Daa Da Da Da Da Da DA!

I just want to let you know that I worked my booty off trying to make the das remind you of the wedding song... I don't know if it worked. But perhaps you get the point. I wed my lobster and muffin. (Except I kind of took a bite out of Mr. Muffin before hand.) Way too delicious. :)


The little crabbie that lived

This is my little crabbie. Not that I can claim it. I'm not even the one that saved this little life. But I'll be explaining its life story, for the sake of having nothing to do at this point in time. So here I go. This is my little crabbie.
Once upon a time there was a little crabby.  He was very adventurous. He liked to climb on forbidden things, roam away from his parents, and sometimes try to eat his older brothers and sisters when little fishies ran short. Life was a breeze all before the day he went missing. The day he got stuck in a big jumble of  fisherman net. This net contained broken line, rustled rope, and sharp sticks. Little crabbie thought it was the end, for she was stuck, and hungry.

Then one July morning in Nantucket a 10 year old girl named Cassidy saved the little crabbie. My sister saved my little crabbie.

And now my little crabbie is free in Nantucket, and happy.
And a sand shark will be transporting him to his parents in the morning.


Antique Cars

Here I am in my paradise, taken away from the reality of the universe. No loud cars, honking noises, shouting. The loudest noises here in Nantucket are the birds that start to sing at 4:30 am. I thought I was being very observant to the fact that Nantucket seems to have a lot of antique car holders. Every few miles I'll see an antique car, snap a photo. Of course, I didn't realise there was a Nantucket Antique Car Rental in town till yesterday. GOOD JOB Lily...


Not quite toothpaste

We all have childhood fears. Do you remember the boogie monster? The monster under your bed? The poisonous apple from snow white? Or getting poisoned from a mouth wash? Okay maybe the last one isn't so common, but it definitely happens. Growing up I was always a bit afraid of the WARNINGS on the medicine containers. The poisonous factors of antibiotics or mouth rinses, "If more than used for rinsing is accidentally swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center RIGHT AWAY." Is it not normal to be scared of these warnings? What if I don't realise I swallowed too much? What if the poison center is closed? What if I don't get there right away because there is traffic? Whenever I would rinse my mouth with an "Anti-cavity Fluoride Rinse" or mouth wash, I would be extremely cautious and rinse my mouth several times after with water. I just wanted to be safe you know?

Or the cream medicines, "KEEP OUT OF EYES", "KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN" And then I'd ask my mom, "I'm a child why are you putting this cream on me?" I don't know about you but I was very cautious when I was a little girl.

But as you grow up, you realise how these warnings are only slightly true. How they are exaggerated, just to be safe. So that if something happens, the company won't be sued. So this morning, I guess you could call me casual as I reached for the tooth paste, not really scared of anything. Being slightly normal. But casual enough not to check if the tooth paste was in fact toothpaste.

For about a week now I have had these two burns on my left arm. You see, I like to think I am handy with a hair curler, yea well apparently I'm not. Because when I tried to curl my hair last week, well. I guess you could say it didn't go very well. But who can resist a beautiful new curling iron? With a cheetah print handle? That is practically calling my name? So I tried it out, and burned my arm... twice. We got antibiotic cream for the burns.

And through my casualties I picked up this antibiotic cream instead of toothpaste this morning, and started to use it on my teeth.

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