The little crabbie that lived

This is my little crabbie. Not that I can claim it. I'm not even the one that saved this little life. But I'll be explaining its life story, for the sake of having nothing to do at this point in time. So here I go. This is my little crabbie.
Once upon a time there was a little crabby.  He was very adventurous. He liked to climb on forbidden things, roam away from his parents, and sometimes try to eat his older brothers and sisters when little fishies ran short. Life was a breeze all before the day he went missing. The day he got stuck in a big jumble of  fisherman net. This net contained broken line, rustled rope, and sharp sticks. Little crabbie thought it was the end, for she was stuck, and hungry.

Then one July morning in Nantucket a 10 year old girl named Cassidy saved the little crabbie. My sister saved my little crabbie.

And now my little crabbie is free in Nantucket, and happy.
And a sand shark will be transporting him to his parents in the morning.


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  4. I thought you hated your sister.....


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