BEACH camping

Have you ever slept on the beach overnight? Well let me tell you, it's fun. But you never know what may come at you. Maybe you have a wonderful time, with a moon, a sunset, you hear some nice birds singing in the morning, and you catch a lot of fish. See that would have been quite convenient. But no.

No, of course that didn't happen. See what we experienced was just as fun, if not more fun, just a little crazy. No sunset, the clouds were too thick, and as night came around we realised we lacked a moon too. Not to mention the big roaring waves that invaded our happy little spot. Waves would go under our chairs, and nearly hit our car. So we moved back. And back again. But this wasn't the worst part. You see, these waves seemed to carry all of these little jumping crabs. These crabs came in 100s. And liked our feet.

We would have 100 little crabs invading our area at one moment, and then a wave would crash and bring another hundred. And if you know the ocean, waves come frequently. Especially when they are rollers.

These jumping crabs were worse then mosquitoes and green heads put together. They will just crawl all over your feet and dance, and jump. But that hardly matters, see after a few moments of uncomfortable little crabs on your feet, they will start to dig their claws into your skin. It's disturbing. So not only were we on a loud beach, with huge crashing waves, looking up at a pitch dark sky with no moon, and an unsatisfying sunset, but we all had our legs sticking awkwardly out in the air, avoiding the little midnight jumping crabs, that liked our feet.

At about 2 in the morning we made a bed out of blankets on the damp beach. I had finally started to drift off to sleep when a crab jumps into my ear. Shall I repeat? MY EAR! My... EAR. A little jumping crab jumped its way into my ear, while I was sleeping. Do you know how absolutely disturbing it is to be half a sleep and have a gross little baby jumping crab fly into your ear? It's horrific. It's awful. So I scream, and don't deny it, you would scream too. I get out of my sleeping bag, and get the crab OUT OF MY EAR. And of course then it starts to rain, and thunder, and lightening appears, and after a few minutes the lightening comes close enough to threaten us on our metal chairs.

So we spend the night in the car.


  1. awwww poor lily! why did you have to spend the night on the beach in the first place?

  2. WELL ITS EXTREMELY FUN THATS WHY!!!! It's just a little more convinient when your not caught in a thunderstorm thats all. HHAA!

  3. I've slept (camped) near the beach a number of times (but never actually ON it). I can imagine that it would definitely be "interesting". Have certainly never had hundreds of little crabs washed up in the surf onto my feet!



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