Goodbye NEST+m

Goodbye Nest. I hate you. I love you. I'll never wear your nest shirt again, I'll miss your rotten chicken wings, and frozen milk. I'll miss you're squeaky clean building, of which you have spoiled me. My high school building is an ugly duckling compared to you. 6 years I spent under your walls, and as much as I'll miss them, leaving is what I've been dreaming for since I entered.

I'm going to miss my nerdy school. The innocent little nesties, with khaki pants, nest polos buttoned up, bulky sneakers, colorful braces, rolling backpacks and frozen milk in breakfast cereal. Insane teachers, screaming over jeans. Good bye nerdy nest. I think I might miss you.


Fake nose

I'm only 13, too young to do many things. Such as go on the work out machines in the health club, too young to go in the sauna, steam room, too old to go to the movies as a $9 kid. But as you probably know, most of these restrictions are easy to slide through. I go in the sauna almost every time I go swimming, I love the steam room too. The movie issue is easily solved by a little girl hair do, and a puppy dog face. And yesterday when I was faced with an issue of free kayaking the problem was easy to face. I just messed up a little bit. See I should never have told them my age. You need to be 16 and of course, I am not 16. I assumed you needed to be older then 13, so I informed them I was 14.


If I go back today and tell them I am 16, which would be believable considering my height, I won't convince them. My face will be recognised.

And it's not like I was some forgettable person coming along to ask for kayaking. I was soaking wet. With two other friends, and didn't really want to let it slide that I was too young. I can't say I argued, but I definitely tried to negotiate.


So a new nose will solve all my problems.

If I have a fake nose I won't be recognised, and can easily kayak joyfully. So if you happen to find your self in contact with a fake nose. TELL ME. I've searched, but am not being very lucky. If you know anything. Please tell me. Thanks. ;)


Thursday was the Geometry Regents. So bye bye Geometry. ;)

That's a cool school bus.



Like honestly? Why are they here? I love nature, I know everything has a balance and what not. And fine, bugs can exist, but can they please just leave me alone? Eat my sister, I'm fine with that.
Just leave me be.

Do you realise that I have to put on bug spray in my own house? I don't even live in some country side house with window screens. I'm living on the 31st floor in an apartment building in NYC. Shouldn't I be free from bugs?

Oh but no. This is never the case. I mean, if anything I experience more bugs then most people.

I remember a few years back we had a cockroach problem. It was really disgusting. I was scared to enter my kitchen. I remember once I woke up and saw a little cockroach enter my room under the door and slip into my over night bag for Camp Mason. I was so freaked out.

And for some reason we now have a problem with fruit flies. We might have kept some over ripe bananas longer then we needed to... We eventually made some delicious banana bread though. But now, i mean these fruit flies are coming in swarms. Okay, no. I am most definitely exaggerating, but they are extremely annoying.

They are leaving me alone right now. But the mosquitoes are getting me.

Now please explaining to me why mosquitoes like girls better then boys? I don't understand...

I can't sleep because I have itches all over Me.
And smell like Off! Spray.


I hate spiders too. Which is ridiculous, because if I want these bugs to go away, I need to let the spiders do their jobs.

Why must my blood be so delicious?

Subway buddy # 2

This here is William. Or at least, this is what I believe his name to be. No particular reason his name is William. It just kind of... makes sense in my mind.

Yes, so William. He performs on subways, sidewalks, parking lots. He's pretty good. Has a nice range. Sounds a bit like Micheal Jackson. Is he the next American Idol? I'm not sure, but I won't be surprised to see him auditioning and making it pretty far. He says he's going to audition. So look at his face. Remember it. And know that I called it. You heard it hear first.

With a nice hair cut, a new shirt, some perfume, and a new pair of shoes, he'll be ready for Hollywood. But for now, he's still asking for change from people on the subway, so wish him luck!


Missing sock

I don't like to do laundry. Who does? But my reason is a bit different then yours probably. You see, my laundry bin is this huge metal cylinder, with holes that seem to grate your fingers as though you were cheese, and it takes all my body weight to bring it over to the laundry room. I can't even carry it. It rests on my toes and I wiggle over to the room.

But just now. I had the oddest thing happen...

I was wigglying over to the laundry room, when my sock fell off. But that was no biggy, so I went into the laundry room and did my laundry business. But here is the weird part. As I left the laundry room, across the hall I saw my neighbors door closing. I also noticed that my sock was missing...

My neighbor stole my sock.

Okay, is that not the most random thing for a neighbor to do? And now I'm kind of angry because well. I liked that sock a lot. And now my neighbor has it.

What the heck is my neighbor going to do with my dirty sock?


Happy Birthday Mr. Hohl!

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday Mr. Hohl.
Happy Birthday to you!

Mr. Hohl. Mr. Hohl. Mr. Hohl.
Where do I start?

Mr. Hohl isn't very average. There's no other teacher quite like him. He'll humiliate you, somehow always be up on the school gossip, (sometimes before you), and steal your stuff. And I'm not talking take away your cell phone for a few days. No I mean taking away your New York Yankees Foam finger because of his sad little Mets. Oh and he wont give it back to you. Not for months. He's got a closet full of innocent children's possessions.
I tell you.

But for some strange reason. The whole school is nuts about him. And being his birthday today. Well it's a Hohliday! (Notice the pun there?)

On Monday, there will no doubt be a whole pile of birthday presents awaiting him. Why would an evil History teacher be praised so much for his evil? Simple. He. Makes. Us. Laugh.

He's not a boring lecture about Lincoln's assassination.
He's a teacher who spunks it up a little bit.
He'll make fun of you, but you know he's slightly joking.
He'll know the gossip, only to make you laugh harder.
And oh, when he steals your stuff, well. Although that is evil, and probably slightly illegal... That's funny too. And that's why people want to bring him presents.

Like me.

Hmm... What can I bring him? That was the first question from a few days before.

Something having to do with the Yankees? Haha. No he'd just burn it.
A pretty box with a cold turkey leg inside? No... That's just like giving him a grilled cheese sandwich.

How about something from my grandma's store? Something... Random?

You see. My grandmas store closed down about three years ago, and my mom helped get the stuff out. In return, my grandma let her keep whatever she cleared. Which included...

A fake dog, (whom I named muffin) My parents wont let me have a real dog.
A ton of extreme stationary.
And a bunch of RANDOM things.
Including what I aim to give Mr. Hohl.

It's a make your own tissue box. Where you can put someone's face behind the plastic, and the tissues come out of their mouth. I need to find a picture of him for it. I'll show you the end result!

But for now...

Happy Birthday Mr. Hohl!


Oh Regents.

Oh Regents. What a stress you bring to these children's lives. Children of middle school. WHY? Why must you come among us and spoil our time to be free and play? We are in 8th grade! We should be playing like little babies. Oh but no. Oh but no. We take these tests. We work till the last moment. We get no rewards. No nap time. No play time. Nothing. Oh Why? NEST. Why?


Only 13

A stuborn artistic drama queen, stuck inside the nerds point of view. Only 13, already stressing over life, as though she's 62. Already declining adventures for her room. Slumped in front of the computer screen, watching minutes and hours fly by the second, the clocks hand moving at uncontrollable speeds. It's unpredictable the pathway she will take. The view in her eyes, with no mistake a yearning to do what she loves. Which is to write. Which is to perform, to act, to sing. The stress of being a teen.



I'm allergic to Walnuts. Really, horribly allergic. Like it's not even funny. Give me a walnut and I will die in your lap unless you rush me to a hospital. Now I hope there is not someone out there that wants me dead, because I just gave them an easy way to dispose of me... ANYWAYS. What I am about to tell you is very cool. The walnut looks like a little brain with a skull around it right? They look like they have a left and right hemisphere, upper cerebrums and lower cerebelums. Even the wrinkles or folds are on the nut just like the neo-cortex. And do you know? Walnuts help your brain develop. But don't think I'm less brainy because I can't eat walnuts. The reason I was given the inability of digesting walnuts is because if I had any more wit, I might just explode. ;)


Subway Buddy #1

That's right everybody, my first Subway Buddy is a rat. Actually, it's an honor. This has to be the absolute most adorable rat you have ever seen in your life in New York City. I mean just LOOK at it. The poor thing. I'm sure it was poisoned. Look at it lying there, it looks as though it had it's self a heart attack. Why are we so cruel?

We are killing enough animals out there. The oil spill killing millions each day, our pollution killing off endangered species, and now killing innocent little rats!

Okay, I know what you are thinking. Lily's insane. Rats are disgusting. Rats leave me nightmares, poop on my rug, eat my brownies, but can you say that after looking at this innocent rat? Poisoned by your screams? It's cute. It's dead. It's sad!

The rats name was Billy. He was the class clown. He liked to eat yogurt, and steal homeless men's money to buy himself a twix bar in the rat counter below the human deli. He would share it with his family. He was a good baby. Always slept when told to. Always read in bed. Always ate the cheese, put the ketchup on the hamburgers. The ants. The cockroaches. But one day, one day, his mother died. And he was lost in a sea of desperation. He cried. And cried. And ran into the tracks of the subway and by accident licked the pole of poison. And then he died, the next day.

So all you rat haters. Feel for poor Billy. Feel for his friends and family. Who not only are grieving for the loss of his mother, but for the loss of him. And now. Whenever you see a rat, think of Billy before you scream. Think of Billy before you kill off his family tree. He is watching you. Baby Billy is watching.



I've got a problem.
And so does the rest of the 8th grade at NEST +m. (Or at least most of us)

Our Geometry teacher, Ms. Berger assigned us a very simple project in the beginning of the year. We would only have this project. The whole year. No other math projects but this simple flashcard project. The project consisted of writing down every key point in each lesson, chapter, etc. on a flashcard.

It was all easy. You needed a bunch of flashcards, a container, and thats all.

But as the year trotted along. I mean, everyone would forget their flashcards at home or loose them. Or carelessly ask others for flashcards and stuff them in backpacks, it was a mess.

And nearing towards the end of the year. I thought we might be off the hook. Ms. Berger hadn't mentioned the flash cards in over 3 months.

But ofcourse. We weren't. The flashcards, (All 206 of them) are due Monday June 14. I, among the rest of the 8th graders at Nest + m Middle School, don't have atleast half. Infact, I lost all of them.

I'm starting from the beginning.
Oh, what a joy.


Subway Life

You could say I'm a real New Yorker, I mean I travel on train atleast twice every single day. To and from school, I sit among the those who go on the smelly train, and deal with hobos, lunatics, and characters. I eat on the train, bang into people with my skooter, which makes me look like some freakish toddler stuck in a 13 year olds body.

I subway surf, and swing around on the subway poles like a deranged monkey. But when I'm seated, I look at people. I know everyone does it. Don't deny it. Everyone just looks at everyone. I can't help it, you can't help it. Strangers are fascinating. You can just look at them, and guess things about them. It's just a subway thing. When you are sitting down, you look at the people around you.

You would be surprised by the number of faces people see each day. Did you know that those unfamiliar faces in your dreams are actually real people? People that you have seen once before in your lifetime? I'm talking every face. Even in the nightmares. I mean imagine you are in the subway and all of a sudden you see a man that resembles the murderer in your dream? It'd be freaky.

I want to start taking notes on the people I see on the train. I want to note the characters I see, the crazy people I see. And if I can, I want to snap photos of them behind my math notebook, and make up their lives. See if I can take the clues from their clothing, hair, facial expressions, age, and just guess what their lives are about. Their occupations. Their hobbies. Everything.

And now, I will do this on my blog. It'd be cool to also have people comment on the blog posts, and tell me how they imagine this persons life to be too. This is just something to do, a little more meaningful then sitting on a computer and playing games, or watching television. Yes, of course this can also be a waste of time. But wasting time is part of being a teen.

So get ready to see my subway buddies.


Food Fight?

How is it June 2nd already? I mean really?

Does it not seem like last month was February to you? School is really starting to fly by. Don't you remember being little? When the school year went by like decades, and everyday was long and fun. But now. Now everyday goes by like a blink of an unaware eye. And when I finally realize what time it really is. And what part of the year it is, and realize what this all means... I am just like, WHAT?

Graduation is in 20 days. Schools out in 26, and there are as little as 15 full school days left.

In 20 days, I am going to officially be a High school student. AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

High school is such a scary word. At least for me. I just remember High school as this place big people went to. I remember entering Middle School and thinking the same thing. I mean, life is going by so fast, I just... It's creepy.

Soon enough I'll be heading off to college, and my little closet sized room will be used for storage. Or for my sister. And then, I'll be off. And be thinking the same thing about Adult Hood. And then, BEFORE I'll know it I'll be a grandma.

I just don't want to miss out on anything. I want to live it all to the fullest. So for the last day of School at NEST +m, this school I have just barely stayed a live at. Just barely held myself back from ripping apart, I want to leave a mark.

I know the High school senior class a few years back let grasshoppers loose in the school hallways, some people lit a garbage can? But all I really want, is a food fight. An organized. CRAZY, food fight. Where I get ketchup in my hair and completely assault my clean Nest shirt. I want to throw a pie at some friends, and receive some back, and I'm good.

I want to arrive at school with horrible hair, and mess it up more. AND. More then most things. I want to throw pies at my teachers. SO what do you sayy??

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