I've got a problem.
And so does the rest of the 8th grade at NEST +m. (Or at least most of us)

Our Geometry teacher, Ms. Berger assigned us a very simple project in the beginning of the year. We would only have this project. The whole year. No other math projects but this simple flashcard project. The project consisted of writing down every key point in each lesson, chapter, etc. on a flashcard.

It was all easy. You needed a bunch of flashcards, a container, and thats all.

But as the year trotted along. I mean, everyone would forget their flashcards at home or loose them. Or carelessly ask others for flashcards and stuff them in backpacks, it was a mess.

And nearing towards the end of the year. I thought we might be off the hook. Ms. Berger hadn't mentioned the flash cards in over 3 months.

But ofcourse. We weren't. The flashcards, (All 206 of them) are due Monday June 14. I, among the rest of the 8th graders at Nest + m Middle School, don't have atleast half. Infact, I lost all of them.

I'm starting from the beginning.
Oh, what a joy.

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