Food Fight?

How is it June 2nd already? I mean really?

Does it not seem like last month was February to you? School is really starting to fly by. Don't you remember being little? When the school year went by like decades, and everyday was long and fun. But now. Now everyday goes by like a blink of an unaware eye. And when I finally realize what time it really is. And what part of the year it is, and realize what this all means... I am just like, WHAT?

Graduation is in 20 days. Schools out in 26, and there are as little as 15 full school days left.

In 20 days, I am going to officially be a High school student. AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

High school is such a scary word. At least for me. I just remember High school as this place big people went to. I remember entering Middle School and thinking the same thing. I mean, life is going by so fast, I just... It's creepy.

Soon enough I'll be heading off to college, and my little closet sized room will be used for storage. Or for my sister. And then, I'll be off. And be thinking the same thing about Adult Hood. And then, BEFORE I'll know it I'll be a grandma.

I just don't want to miss out on anything. I want to live it all to the fullest. So for the last day of School at NEST +m, this school I have just barely stayed a live at. Just barely held myself back from ripping apart, I want to leave a mark.

I know the High school senior class a few years back let grasshoppers loose in the school hallways, some people lit a garbage can? But all I really want, is a food fight. An organized. CRAZY, food fight. Where I get ketchup in my hair and completely assault my clean Nest shirt. I want to throw a pie at some friends, and receive some back, and I'm good.

I want to arrive at school with horrible hair, and mess it up more. AND. More then most things. I want to throw pies at my teachers. SO what do you sayy??


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