Fake nose

I'm only 13, too young to do many things. Such as go on the work out machines in the health club, too young to go in the sauna, steam room, too old to go to the movies as a $9 kid. But as you probably know, most of these restrictions are easy to slide through. I go in the sauna almost every time I go swimming, I love the steam room too. The movie issue is easily solved by a little girl hair do, and a puppy dog face. And yesterday when I was faced with an issue of free kayaking the problem was easy to face. I just messed up a little bit. See I should never have told them my age. You need to be 16 and of course, I am not 16. I assumed you needed to be older then 13, so I informed them I was 14.


If I go back today and tell them I am 16, which would be believable considering my height, I won't convince them. My face will be recognised.

And it's not like I was some forgettable person coming along to ask for kayaking. I was soaking wet. With two other friends, and didn't really want to let it slide that I was too young. I can't say I argued, but I definitely tried to negotiate.


So a new nose will solve all my problems.

If I have a fake nose I won't be recognised, and can easily kayak joyfully. So if you happen to find your self in contact with a fake nose. TELL ME. I've searched, but am not being very lucky. If you know anything. Please tell me. Thanks. ;)

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