Subway buddy # 2

This here is William. Or at least, this is what I believe his name to be. No particular reason his name is William. It just kind of... makes sense in my mind.

Yes, so William. He performs on subways, sidewalks, parking lots. He's pretty good. Has a nice range. Sounds a bit like Micheal Jackson. Is he the next American Idol? I'm not sure, but I won't be surprised to see him auditioning and making it pretty far. He says he's going to audition. So look at his face. Remember it. And know that I called it. You heard it hear first.

With a nice hair cut, a new shirt, some perfume, and a new pair of shoes, he'll be ready for Hollywood. But for now, he's still asking for change from people on the subway, so wish him luck!


  1. I like the street/subway musicians. They're something that's lacking in my area.

  2. There used to be this cat in my neighborhood, and I'd see him all the time. I decided to call him Oliver. He just LOOKED like an Oliver. Then my dad asked the neighbors what the cat was called... His real name was "Hampden". I was devastated.
    But that guy does look like a William =)


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