Happy Birthday Mr. Hohl!

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday Mr. Hohl.
Happy Birthday to you!

Mr. Hohl. Mr. Hohl. Mr. Hohl.
Where do I start?

Mr. Hohl isn't very average. There's no other teacher quite like him. He'll humiliate you, somehow always be up on the school gossip, (sometimes before you), and steal your stuff. And I'm not talking take away your cell phone for a few days. No I mean taking away your New York Yankees Foam finger because of his sad little Mets. Oh and he wont give it back to you. Not for months. He's got a closet full of innocent children's possessions.
I tell you.

But for some strange reason. The whole school is nuts about him. And being his birthday today. Well it's a Hohliday! (Notice the pun there?)

On Monday, there will no doubt be a whole pile of birthday presents awaiting him. Why would an evil History teacher be praised so much for his evil? Simple. He. Makes. Us. Laugh.

He's not a boring lecture about Lincoln's assassination.
He's a teacher who spunks it up a little bit.
He'll make fun of you, but you know he's slightly joking.
He'll know the gossip, only to make you laugh harder.
And oh, when he steals your stuff, well. Although that is evil, and probably slightly illegal... That's funny too. And that's why people want to bring him presents.

Like me.

Hmm... What can I bring him? That was the first question from a few days before.

Something having to do with the Yankees? Haha. No he'd just burn it.
A pretty box with a cold turkey leg inside? No... That's just like giving him a grilled cheese sandwich.

How about something from my grandma's store? Something... Random?

You see. My grandmas store closed down about three years ago, and my mom helped get the stuff out. In return, my grandma let her keep whatever she cleared. Which included...

A fake dog, (whom I named muffin) My parents wont let me have a real dog.
A ton of extreme stationary.
And a bunch of RANDOM things.
Including what I aim to give Mr. Hohl.

It's a make your own tissue box. Where you can put someone's face behind the plastic, and the tissues come out of their mouth. I need to find a picture of him for it. I'll show you the end result!

But for now...

Happy Birthday Mr. Hohl!

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