Subway Life

You could say I'm a real New Yorker, I mean I travel on train atleast twice every single day. To and from school, I sit among the those who go on the smelly train, and deal with hobos, lunatics, and characters. I eat on the train, bang into people with my skooter, which makes me look like some freakish toddler stuck in a 13 year olds body.

I subway surf, and swing around on the subway poles like a deranged monkey. But when I'm seated, I look at people. I know everyone does it. Don't deny it. Everyone just looks at everyone. I can't help it, you can't help it. Strangers are fascinating. You can just look at them, and guess things about them. It's just a subway thing. When you are sitting down, you look at the people around you.

You would be surprised by the number of faces people see each day. Did you know that those unfamiliar faces in your dreams are actually real people? People that you have seen once before in your lifetime? I'm talking every face. Even in the nightmares. I mean imagine you are in the subway and all of a sudden you see a man that resembles the murderer in your dream? It'd be freaky.

I want to start taking notes on the people I see on the train. I want to note the characters I see, the crazy people I see. And if I can, I want to snap photos of them behind my math notebook, and make up their lives. See if I can take the clues from their clothing, hair, facial expressions, age, and just guess what their lives are about. Their occupations. Their hobbies. Everything.

And now, I will do this on my blog. It'd be cool to also have people comment on the blog posts, and tell me how they imagine this persons life to be too. This is just something to do, a little more meaningful then sitting on a computer and playing games, or watching television. Yes, of course this can also be a waste of time. But wasting time is part of being a teen.

So get ready to see my subway buddies.


  1. I <3 your blog, Lily! keep up the good work.

  2. you are just like your mom! A moon girl...


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