Happy Fathers Day DADDIO

What makes my dad special? Possibly it's his ability to completely obsess over little things for weeks, and his inability to stop talking about it. Currently it's eating raw foods, blending fruits and vegetables into juices, and forcing hemp vitamins down my throat. "Do you want a juice?" I feel like that should be tattooed on his face. "Do you want celery in your juice?" No, dad, for the last time! I do not take joy in drinking celery. Does that not frighten anyone? Drinking celery. Apparently not my dad, who drinks them up and up and secretly puts them in my vegetable drinks even when I tell him not to. I told him no ginger either and I tasted it in my drink yesterday. Sneaky, my dad is, and hilariously excited about eating right. I am now fully convinced that eating right can cure many "incurable" diseases out there, mainly because I hear him ranting about it in the background as I attempt to do my history homework. But his sudden urges to do things differently really do make me smile, and make my dadio unique. It usually comes along in the winter time when he isn't working the Yankees, walking around with knee high socks and a bandanna on his forehead. In the winter, he will come out of his room and have a new project idea. A few years back he came up with the idea for me to have a project runway birthday party, which was a really big success, another was to make aprons for everyone in the family for Christmas. This was remotely after the project runway faze, because the sewing machines were still out and the fabric was still in our hands reach. So, we took the fabric, and made aprons. Now, who else can say their father makes aprons? Not many, yes, I feel special. 

The next winter came making bread, although this obsession has died down, it is not gone forever as the apron faze seems to be. Occasionally he will make another one of his breads and try to feed it to me. That is another thing, I am always refusing his creative cooking attempts. He will use buttermilk, whole wheat flour, powdered milk, and other little things that kind of creep me out in his baking. I eventually try them, and even if I don't seem to be a fan dad, I love when you try to make things! I know I am making it seem like he can't cook for his life, but he really can. In fact, most humans enjoy his food, it may just be me refusing his bread and homemade hummus. Still, his dinner time meals are never to be brushed off, they are soooo yummmmy

He's blending some vegetables as we speak. hAhaAHAHA! 


  1. My father made jelly from the wild fruit he would pick. He passed away almost two years ago and I am on the verge of losing my step father soon. So now I have a small vineyard in my backyard and some day soon hope to try my hand at making a few jars of jelly, and think of him when I have coffee in the mornings in the green cool spot in my backyard even in the midst of a terrible drought as my dog and I play fetch, and add a little more water to our oasis. Excitement builds as we are just a few days away from having the first big red tomato of the year as the battle with the tomato worms turn serious.

  2. ... My mom does the exact same thing as your dad... Expect I don't mind the celery much. I just hate the carrots.

  3. Personally, I'd rather EAT my veggies than drink them.

  4. I want to hear about your Project Runway birthday party! That sounds like fun! :)


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