Watermelon Pie!

Nah! I didn't have water melon pie. But instead, I went to the barbers market and ate a watermelon stew. With lots and lots and lots of little little bugs inside. And within the watermelon, left me clueless to the point of seeking refuge in a hair cut. So what is this mysterious evening? What is the clue to which leads you to the truth. just remember children, just remember that the answer is in the way you say hello and the way you say hello to those that say goodbye, so why, why darlinks, do the bugs rest firmly on the wall? squashed like bugs... because they are bugs. that is why they are squashed, like bugs and that is why they cry, like bugs and dine like bugs and whine like bugs and poop like bugs! and oh here is where I lose the rhyme, and with time, so will you.


  1. I like watermelons...


  2. Interesting vote feature for what to do next. But I thought it would show the vote, only after I voted that feature seemed to disappear, puzzling. .. ... .... Poof

  3. Your posts are getting very mysterious....


  4. I daren't ask why there were bugs in the stew...

    Maybe they fancied a swim? That's the only logical(ish) answer I could come up with.

    Great post, though!

  5. i like your mysterious posts!
    but you lost me at "...poop like bugs..." haha :)
    can't think of a pooping bug metaphor...


  6. remind me of some william s burroughs. cool stuff

  7. Hi.
    Watermelon pie.. Amazing idea.. Really like it.. Thanks for sharing..


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