So... the mystery of the post on June 11th will be revealed. Unfortunately, no one was able to guess it! And so there will be no prize other than to myself.
Yes, I will be getting a prize.
Possibly...some rest? yes.. some rest!

Any who! If you observe at the end of the post, the words read, "Sleep No More Lily! Sleep No More."  I was hoping someone would point out that the words "Sleep No More" should read, "sleep no more". Without the random capitalization of the first letter in each word. Because this, my friends, was the clue to the answer... Unfortunately, nobody took my hint in the comments to victory. If someone had simply typed those words into google... But no, (russian accent) I tell you now the answer! 

The adventure I was describing on June 11 was Sleep No More, a show in new york city... An interactive show thingamagiggy that if you can, you HAVE TO SEE IT.

Maybe over time my viewers will become better sleuths. Mwaha . amwahah , ahhawhaha. (again, russian accent. So if you didnt read this last sentence in a russian accent please go back and read it again.) <- This sentence was a british accent. <- This one was a brooklyn !!!! jk KAY GUNA EAT A BUNNY<_ crazed man. .. .. . HAGHAGSAEJTsgzbdvkdhg 

Any who! It was no dream, although it felt like one. It was no book, no movie, nothing but something I actually experienced. Which is why I loved it so much. I was in this "movie" this "dream" it felt REAL. And so, my friends, you must go. 
                                                                 ***And  just as a side note, from now on if I say something followed with, "my friends"....  I am imitating an old russian feller. :) 


  1. LOL, Ah, linguistic zound defectz, juan der full.

  2. Why? Why? This shocked me... I feel so stupid now... MY BRAIN HAS BEEN DEVOURED BY ALIENS!!! Wah!!!!


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