Times have changed in Lilyville.
I don't feel good using this blog to make money. (which didn't end up working anyways: *see here*)
I filled out this form as to why I should get my ads back and then all of a sudden I didn't want to click the button. It was like, I was happy not having ads on my site. First of all, they are just annoying. I mean yes, once there was an advertisement about cheese which made me flip in the air! But otherwise it was about stupid things like teeth whitening and buying meat. It just didn't make sense. But I was blinded by the mula, and the dream of buying a camera.
I've decided to not send in my request for advertising.
It was kind of a thing that could have only been successful when I was displayed on blogs of note because then I was getting 1000s of views a day. Now, although still around 300 views, I feel like my profit gain of about 10 cents a day isn't worth the ugly ads all over my site. I also think that not having ads ADDS to the cooliness of having a cool blog. It's like, oooooo looky here! This person doesn't have annoying ads and isn't falling into the industrial world she lives in. Full of advertising and fat people that eat mcdonalds everyday. -- Wait, that came out randomly. But poopsickle, THIS IS A RANDOM BLOG SO LET IT BE! I don't appreciate people that eat mcdonalds everyday I'm sorry. If you can afford vegetables and sandwiches that do not coem from abused animals and workers, then do it. I really don't think there's an excuse for obesity in here. Don't go on some fat-free diet for a week and expect it to go away. Eat. Vegetables. Every. Day... Do some jumping jacks. Thank you.

PHHHHHHEEEEWWWW... Look at me being mean. I don't like being mean. But eating McDonalds.. no mcdonalds (it doesn't DESERVE to be capitalized) is being mean. Cruel. Evil even. Don't be evil. Eat at home. GOT IT? I sure hope so! Let's eat some organic cheese now shall we?

Wait, this is weird. I don't know what's going on but the idea of eating cheese does NOT interest me at this moment in time. For a while now... Cheese hasn't been on my mind. WHAT IS GOING ON? All I really want to do is pet it instead of eating it. So, I'm going to go into my kitchen and possibly pet some cheese. Sounds good.


  1. Wow, you're getting mean! Just kidding...you're just random!

    Good for you for removing the ads. I don't think I could do that, despite the artistic statement it might make. I still haven't gotten paid, but am looking forward to eventually getting a check! Maybe I'll buy you a camera with all my blog-based riches! ...Just kidding again.

  2. I still have ads. I think I made another penny today to make it all the way to ...roll of the drum, please... $1.54

    I wrote a piece a couple years ago about how I got eXcited when I thought they were tearing down our mcdonald's (aren't you proud of me for sticking with your lowercase theme?). BUT Alas, they were just remodeling, and of course the food got better, yeah, right, and my article was about my idea that we should build another duck pond instead of that new mcdonald's, then it spun wildly out of control with the idea of more and more duck ponds, I guess I should have named it "Mc-Duck-Pond-Alds" - well look at that, those sneaky uppercase letters managed to get back in there, core-poor-ate America, *sigh*

  3. Hmmm, cheese. Cheese sounds reasonable. I believe I can handle some cheese.

    Also, there is no shame in the no ad game. A little less in the world is always a little better for us all.

  4. Good for you about the ads! But don't beat yourself up for it, we have all been in the same boat. I took them off my blog as well, it is not worth the headache and it is not the reason why we started these blogs to begin with right? And as far as you being mean, I don't think you have it in you, your way to sweet. I think your just being realistic. By the way I love cheese too, especially Muenster! Hey would love for you to follow my blog:



  5. This cracked me up! I have to admit that as a mom of two bratty kids that are a total pain in the a** to get out of the car when we are out I have (gasp) eaten at McDonalds. I try to not make it a habit and I DO grow a garden full of veggies so that balances it out right? Kuddos for NO ADS!

  6. I have had ads on my Blog for well over a year and have never even made ten cents. It's ridiculous.
    I should remove them, but I fear that the big check must be just around the corner!

  7. lol i believe in the same notion. i actually have the same button on my blog :D i think its so cute


  8. Oh my God, I call my cat Poopsicle! I thought I made that up ;) Great minds think alike, obviously...

  9. lucky have 300 views on your blog... sometimes me think 25 view BIG achievement...But then again your blog is awesome...

    Ps. What's with the poopsickle? I call my friends poopsickle sometimes.

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  11. I'm proud of you. Always stand up for what you believe in.

    Joey from Texas

  12. lol. For some reason, I now have this sudden urge to pet cheese...

  13. Cool. I've always thought ads were annoying. I thought about them a few times but I've never had them. Besides... I would only get about a penny a month anyway. Haha.

  14. I debated about having ads but ultimately decided they'd make my blog look superficial and tacky. No offense to any of the bloggers out there who have ads . . . but anyway, yay for us for resisting the urge to earn miniscule amounts of money by basically doing nothing! :)
    ~ Angela

  15. I've struggled with the ad question too but realized that it is but a moot point for my blog at this point. And since my blog is political I would run the risk of having ads for fracking natural gas or Koch brother sponsored political massages smack in the middle of my site that seeks to counter their deafening echo chamber tactics. Anyway, I just hit a new high today, 225, from a previous daily high of 131. Building an audience is a slow and steady process. You, with your Blog of Note prowess, catapulted into rarified (to a newcomer like me) territory. I thought your post was a scream, and I think you made a good call on the ads.

  16. Seeing a blog with no ads makes me happy:) And yes, it's definitely cool not having ads!


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