Oh... Camera

So, I just realized. My family doesn't have a functioning camera... And in order for me to make this blog as cool as it can possibly be, (by doing super spy missions, dressing up like people, going on adventures) my family really needs a camera! Okay, so technically we have a camera... But it just shouldn't count. And I'm being honest here papa and mum. The thing has a battery last of literally five minutes. It is just OLD. And it's funny because my mom keeps saying it's because me and my sister took too many pictures of ourselves. And I'm just thinking... W-What? Mom, you think our faces scare the camera enough to make it want to run out of battery? I mean, maybe it makes sense that the more clicks, the older it gets, the more prone it is to dying as a camera. But really, way to help our self esteems. hahaha, I'm just kidding. The other thing is our camera is just a basic point and shoot, and we've all decided it's time to get our hands on a real nice camera. And these are important years in our lives! We need to document them so that later on I have something to look back on!

This was the reason I got AdSense in the first place, so I could make a few bucks off this thing and get a camera! If you don't know what AdSense is, it's where you can sell advertisements on your blog and get some money.

On the Terms of Use it made me click a box that said, "I will not click my own advertisements!" So, naturally, I didn't, because that would be lying against some legally thing, and I really didn't want my account to be disabled. Over the course of 3 weeks I made 90 bucks and I was so excited.

But then the other day I got a message saying, "Dear Google User, because of suspicious clicking activity your account has been disabled and the money will be returned to the advertisers."

You should have seen my face when I got that email.
It was like a walrus.
I couldn't contain my laughter, and how ridiculous it was. Like, everyday I would look back and say, ooo looky looky I made 10 bucks today! YAY ME!!!!!!!!! And now, I wasn't getting any of the money, and I really wasn't going to get a camera.

So, how did the suspicious activity come to exsistence? Basically, I think when I told my friends about my blog and advertising, they saw it as a perfect opportunity for me to buy them ice cream with the extra money. I can picture them going home, on to my blog, being the suspicious clicking activity, and thinking, "Oh yea! When Lily says, "Wow how did I get all this money?" I will say, BECAUSE I CLICKED THE BUTTONS! Then add in an, I love ice cream! Look at that ice cream store!" wink wink. I can also see my mom possibly clicking the advertisements...

In the end of the day, well, I think it's too bad. Maybe next time I can block my friends' computers, or something... But as for now it looks like I'm really not going to get a camera for me or my family.

So, if you are reading this dear AdSense, (which I actually REALLY doubt you are and if you were I probably would have made it seem a little less like it was my fault...) Please, Please give me one more chance! Not for me. But for the baby camera, that cute widdle baby camera just waiting and waiting to be mine. I promise in the future I will forbid my friends and family from touching those advertisements if I get another chance, you know how? By telling them they aren't getting no ice cream out of my pocket. No but seriously. I want camera. I want want want camera. So bad that I am forgetting English.. Oh yes, I want A camera. BABOOMMM!!!!!!!!

Hey, sorry this story isn't done. SO DON'T. LEAVE.

I also made an account on QuiBids, (a stupid penny auction) to try to get my camera off there. The penny auction worked like any other penny auction, except it had robots. Illegal robots man! And I'm being completely serious. Humans do not go on there, they are robots. I actually think that QuiBids is doing something illegal, and has robots bidding constantly so that the real humans lose all their money. I know you may be thinking, "WOW Lily. Way to be a sore loser." But I'm not kidding. And it is really easy to have robots, or possibly people that work in the company win these deals. I have multiple suspicious things going on...

1. I was about to win an ELECTRIC scooter on the site and then my computer, (which was NOT out of battery) all of a sudden SHUT DOWN, and then I lost the bid. IS THAT NOT SUSPICIOUS?
2. I got suspicious that there were robots on the site, because there was one person that just kept winning and winning and winning, so I did some research and found a LOT of robot complaints. A LOT.

Words of advice:

One, do not let your friends click ads on your site, unless you want to be led into thinking you will get all this money and then it is ALL taken away from you.

And two, do not go on QuiBids, ever, it's a robot hangout.

Then three of course, don't take too many pictures of yourself on your camera, because it will eventually get so sick of you and scared, that it will lose all its battery and die.


  1. Thats just not fair! I can just imagine the horror! You think you have something and someone can just come and take it away, such is life :/ good luck with the camera!!!

  2. It wasn't the friends. I have friends who go to my site and click my links as well and my ads are still up. BUT, if your mom was doing it, then that's probably the reason. Especially if she did it from the same location you blog from. They most likely track these things from ISPs, so her clicking on them caused the "suspicious activity." That's just my two cents though. Hope you eventually get enough money together to get your camera.

  3. the adsense people were so mean! :O

  4. I think it is sad that they took your money away! I mean, that was a lot of Adsense money in a short time BUT if you consider that "you are a rock star" kinda eXistence with so many reasons, wow, so they thought it was "suspicious", hhmmm, I am rambling because of heat stroke-sun stroke. Any way, I have been blogging for 47 months, published over 300 blog posts and had earned $1.04 on Adsense for that whole time, and suddenly (on my birthday!) I noticed that someone clicked something and -wham!- I got 49 cents in one day. So anyway, I hope they don't decide to take away my measely (sp) buck and a half after putting up with their ads being on my blog this whole time, sorry, rambling, I'll stop now, I am tired anyway, eXhaustion, dealing with people who don't understand thermodynamics and open doors.

  5. So what type of camera are you looking for?

  6. Awww man. Sorry for your AdScene lost. -wince- Maybe you can beg them to give a second chance? :P

  7. I think Google just says that when bloggers start making too much money, haha! Just kidding. ;) I have adsense, but I've only made, like $13 - not enough to warrant a check, lol. I've debated taking them off, but I've left them up there because I've started getting better ads. I thought I might just leave them there and see if my traffic multiplies as I continue blogging.

  8. Maybe they were suspicious because you suddenly got a lot of followers, so you suddenly got a lot of clicks...? They probably don't realize that you were on Blogs of Note! It's too bad they can just take away all of your money at a moments notice! :(


  9. That's terrible. Why should Adsense do that? They probably just don't want to go broke on people that are interested in cheese ads! Hope you get your camera! -Margaret :)

  10. never mind them,,they'l come to realise what they are loosing,since through your blog they get to advertise to soo many people since you got soo many followers..dnt let the camera dream go!

  11. A WALRUS! - hahaha you are so cute! (Though I am sorry about your camera.)

  12. bravo Lily, i just saw your blog for the first time, it's great, Jas sent it to me. Interesting things should come from Wilbur. Your audience expects it so don't let them down.
    Keep on keeping on...
    Uncle Brad


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