My child, my life, and my ideal meal.

Hello. Welcome to paradise. This is my screen saver by the way. I meant to put it in a little heart shaped locket and carry it around my neck all day, but the ink ran out in my printer so... you know... that didn't happen. But, just to make it clear. Cheese. Is. My. Life.

Cheese has always been my life. I'm betting on a string cheese that my first word was cheese. Although I'll just as readily loose that bet because I'm pretty sure my first world was actually bootuh! attempting to say bouteille which is french for bottle. Okay, so maybe my first love was soy milk in a bottle (other wise known as Genetically Modified Organism Soy milk in a bottle) ... Oh how my mind is corrupted... But still. Cheese is my friend okay?

Have you ever been in language class, and the teacher asks you "What did you do yesterday?" Now of course, if they had asked me this in English it would have been weird.. But since it was Spanish class it made sense. See, the only problem was that the only thing I really knew how to say in Spanish was, "Yo come a mi casa queso." <- Even though I'm sure that's not grammatically correct, I said it. And although I'm sure people thought I was just being odd, it is very true sometimes. "I eat at my house, cheese." When I am dismissed from school I sometimes rush home on my miniature scooter, zooming along the blocks, to arrive at my house and find Jarlsberg in my fridge. But see, that's the thing, there isn't always Jarlsberg in fridge. Because if you know Jarlsberg (like in terms of friendship) you'd know, as I do, that he's expensive. Oh, he's very expensive, and only when he's on sale do we buy him, and eat him.... EATTTTTTTTTTTTT HIMMMMMMMMMM

I'm sure you are thinking that I randomly searched the web for photos of Jarlsberg for this post and decided to use this one, but have you ever been more wrong? No, I saw this.... With my own eyes. See that hand holding it? Yep. That's mine. I know. You're impressed. And you should be. You really should be. Because it is impressive. It's very impressive. I saw this sitting on the cheese counter, and I took out my camera, held it high and took a picture, for the world to see.


  1. Milk versus Cheese, the age old battle. Actually milk is just pre-cheese, that should ease your mind. SO glad to see you writing again!

  2. I can so relate to this post because I am a cheese lover as well! I have not tried Jarlsberg yet but after reading this I can't wait. I thought it so funny that you have this picture as your screen saver..too cute.


  3. Creo que el Queso es interesante, con una historia interesante, y su sabor... mmmmm, mas interesante aun, como definirlo?.
    Creo que cada quien tenemos una historia que contar de él y un recuerdo gracioso o vergonzoso viene al mencionarlo, ni modo. Queso, quesito, quesadilla, quesoteee.

    Me encanta su forma de escribir, tan.. así.

  4. I love Jarlsberg too! It makes the best toasted cheese sandwhiches

  5. Hahahah, LOL,
    I live in the Netherlands so here there's plenty of CHEESE, and it isn't expensive at all! Have you ever tried Gouda? It's soo delicious, sometimes when you have young gouda it's really soft and melting and ahhh... And in Breda (city) and a lot of other cities there's a cheese market every year, with big, but I mean REALLY BIG cheeses (almost as tall as I am).
    It's just heaven. You have to go there. Every cheese-addict has to go there. I mean it.
    Have a cheesy day XD.


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