GMOs and Vegetable Juices

Do not eat anything. That is my advice. If you have seen Food Inc, you may very well agree. Everyone is evil. Live in a shack, with some geese, a chicken, and a hatchet. But whatever you do, do not go to the super market, and live in modern day, because the evil people will get you! In case you haven't seen Food Inc, I highly recommend it, for many reasons:

1. I want more people to realize how hard it is to look at a nice chicken wing and feel guilty eating it and 2. You really deserve to know.

Now of course you wonder... Deserve to know what? To which I reply... I think it's time for you to see the movie...... Then you will know! If you don't watch it you will never ever ever know what I am talking about and won't that just drive you mad?

If you have seen Food Inc, welcome to the club, I hope you feel the same way I do.

I hope you own a juicer. I hope you buy organic veggies. I hope you go to Shake Shack instead of McDonalds, and Trader Joe's instead of WalMart. I hope you eat at home and over all, I hope you realize that the world is full of people that want to poison you! Oh, but I don't wish to scare you. Oh not at all, just I have some advice. Simple. Simple advise. Easy if you think about it.  I would advise you to pack up your bags, buy a goat for company, and set off to the woods, where you know your food hasn't been put through many chemicals to make it last, and where you know "natural" means natural. But then again, that's much easier said than done. Because I told myself that would make the most sense when I saw Food Inc in April. And woopdedoo, still in a city. Still in an apartment, still BLOGGING. I mean, COME ON! People who own goats don't BLOG. They own goats. They feed their goats. They eat GOAT cheese.

Alright, back to History homework...


  1. I will check into the movie, because yes now it is driving me mad!


  2. Hmm....I will check it out. I am also a vegetarian in case you are wondering.....don't know if that makes me any safer....

    The World Is Quiet Here.


  3. I saw food inc. its actually disgusting. Monsanto is a bunch of toothless bastards..(pardon my french)
    Read Chew On This, it's just as depressing. I am never ever eating in McDonalds EVER again...

  4. Saw that movie like a year ago.
    Try this:
    The thought you put into food,
    do the same for the shoes on your feet and where they came from, and the 7 year old that got 10 cents to make them.

    Be thankful your doing history homework

  5. We have a huge garden so we don't buy beans, peas, carrots, or potatoes from the store. We have enough that we freeze them and then eat them ALL year long. Plus, my uncle raises cows so we buy a calf from him and get it butchered by this friend of ours so we know it doesn't have any yucky chemicals. And we make our own bread. Ya know, just typing this out has got me thinking about how healthy my family is. I wonder.... chemical injected food = disease.... obesity.... hmmm?

  6. Anonymous-- It's been really hard for me to ignore your comment. And as much as I don't like the idea of deigning down to your level of rudeness, here I go! You are the exact kind of energy I don't want on my blog. I saw your other comments as well. If you don't like spontaneous blog posts, get off random feet. If you would like to walk around accusing people of not knowing or caring about children labor in foreign countries, go ahead but ultimately you're being ignorant. There is enough corruption in modern day to last weeks of discussion, if I'm talking about one example it doesn't mean I don't also think of the others. Food is another example of mistreated workers my friend, but here we have a little more voice. I can't fly off and save those poor children at the moment, but I can inform people and try to stop people from supporting the corrupt companies in our supermarkets, in our everyday routine. Companies that too are depriving families, paying hardly anything to their workers, and on top of it all, poisoning us.


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