DAY ONE- 5am 30 Day Challenge

Time up: 8:10 am 
Time in bed- WAIT WHAT?!


Yes, yes randomfeet believers. I am a failure. 
An absolute failure. 

Please explain yourself gurrl...
Yes, yes alright, well you see... I set my alarm last night for 5:00am. I put the volume on an extremely obnoxiously loud volume and stuck it about a foot away from my ear. I closed my eyes and fell asleep. I slept. and slept. And slept, and well I slept a lot and SLEPT THROUGH MY ALARM. 

I was so deep in sleep that not only did I not hear the alarm, but when my mother was woken up with a start and came to the living room to shut it off (By the way I slept on the couch to make sure my bed wasn't to comfortable to leave in the morning.) she began to shake me and I supposedly got up and said, ohkayyy mommmm stooooppp.. 

I ABSOLUTELY did NOT do that. 

I was sleep talking. 

So while my mom turned off the alarm and attempted to sleep again but had difficulty, I ignorantly kept on sleeping until 6:30 when I heard my dad's big slippers clanking in the living room. 

Wonder how his slippers woke me when my alarm didn't... 

At 6:30 I realized it wasn't 5 o'clock and got very angry at my phone that lay near my head. I wondered what the heck happened and why it didn't ring. And then somewhere in my rapid thoughts I fell asleep again. And then woke up twenty minutes later than I usually do for school.

To make a story short, I really failed. 

Even on the way to school running late I flipped off my skooter, sending my back pack flying over my head and off my back, and ripping my pants ripped on the sidewalk. I had to run up to the third floor in this condition but I did it magically in about a minute and got there exactly on time. 

That part of me was less failure-like.

The rest remains the epitome of well, -- me.  
Big dreams, big words, big ideas, and then well you see... I CAN'T CONTROL WHETHER I CAN WAKE UP OR NOT! 

So-- hard.

So, day one was an utter failure but I won't let it get to my heart. I have two options for tomorrow. And I have new unfortunate factors. One, my mom doesn't want to be woken up again. And two, I evidently need a new alarm clock system other than my cell phone.

So here are the options.

1) Put my phone on vibrate and put it in my hand or right next to my ear. That will probably make me feel tingly and wake me up.


2) Crank out the mooing alarm clock. See, this alarm clock is so ALARMING that I will wake up without a doubt and if it is close enough to my face I can turn it off before my mom wakes up.

So, what do you say?
What should I do fellers? 
Let me know. 

The challenge continues. It only has gotten slightly more challenging because I can't even get the first thing down. Actually GETTING UP.

be ready. 

Tomorrow will work.


  1. Duct tape the phone to the side of your head.

  2. The mooing one sounds cool... I might need one of those.
    I have an iPod alarm clock, but though I crank the volume on both the iPod and the clock as far as possible and I pick the loudest music I have I still manage to sleep through it.
    Every. Single. Morning.

  3. Lily, you are too funny. So enjoy reading your posts! Totally relate to not being able 2 wake up in the am, but 5 am is just obscene!!! Give yourself a break!
    Vinegar & Duck


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