Jello! (Me speaking in an odd english accent)
The question is, am i saying Hello? Or Jello?
The truth is, I don't really know. I am assuming I said Jello because I was talking about the food, but then again, Hello makes a lot of sense here. It's been a while blogger. It's been a while. so yes, hello there! Jello there gov'na, Bonjour! Hola! Gutentak! Chowder!
Wait, no. Chowder? no. that's not right....

Why do I keep thinking of foods? First Jello in my hello, then Chowder in my Ciao. I am thinking of foods because well, ONE I am a teenager, and TWO food is amazing, and THREE... I've got an essay to do. And it's 11:47 pm. whooooops.

I wish I was Jello... now that I think about it! Jello has no bones. obviously. It isn't a creature like you and me. It doesn't breathe. It doesn't eat. Oh the poor thing! What does it live for? It lives for my belly. And it lives for the fact that it doesn't have to make skeleton essays.

Okay what? Yes. Skeleton essays.
I have to write a skeleton essay right now and I couldn't help but think that if I was jello, I TOTALLY WOULD NOT HAVE TO WRITE THAT ESSAY!

For one, I wouldn't have hands to type/write with.
two, I wouldn't have eyes to see what I was writing.
But further more, I wouldn't have a skeleton of my own, and would be so very confused on what a skeleton essay was!

Why, when my teacher would go up to me and ask, umm... WHERE IS YOUR SKELTON ESSAY YOU FOOL?! with her scary "I"M GOING TO EAT YOU" face. I would start to cry, as a jello man, and say. Oh but teacher! I do not know what a skeleton is! I do not have a skeleton of my own. Oh how I wish I did. Oh, wahhhh. I WISH I HAD A SKELETON LIKE YOU!

and then I would start to sing as a jello man, my jello songs would put my teacher into a trance of which she would say," oh you poor piece of jello! You do not have to complete this skeleton essay requirement!"

To which I, the jello, would be delighted and would smile!

What a marvelous plan!

Oh, but wait.

Jello has bones. JELLO IS BONE. IT IS MADE UP OF SKELETONS OF ANIMALS! OH NO! My idea has been squashed under a watermelon!

Looks like I have to write this essay....

Good night govna!


  1. OMG. I know how you feel! Food is amazing!!!!!!!!! and school sucks. :(

  2. Love food so much .... And my grandson's name is Jello!
    What a world.

  3. <3 Hilarious! Jello, great now when i eat jello im going to be thinking about bones and skeletonal essays and poor little jello men and...STOP just eat the jello:)

  4. I love the way your mind works!

  5. hahaha so happy you guys can relate and like it!

  6. Hahaha - you are ridiculously adorable. Loved this entry, passing it along to friends :)

  7. I hate you Lily....No! Keep Reading!! I hate you so much because....Its 12:56 a.m. I have not sleep and you dont let me turn off my computer! Its Just too interesting!!! I have a blog myself but its not half as interesting as yours....And I just started...Wanna see it? http://harryprocks-whatthestuff.blogspot.com/ I like your blog, please do me a favor....Never become normal!! Stay how you are, that's better! Dont mind haters! PS: Now you've got 333 followers. That just can mean one thing: You and your blog are super cool!!


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