my parents call me a pig
my sister a non-monkey
my friends call me a deranged orangutan that cant find her stuff

I shall take these remarks as direct threats to the well-being of me, lily chopstick. HAHA! blogger corrected my "capstick" to chopstick! I guess I am a chopstick then.

ANYWAYS, whatever my name may be I must avenge myself by...

using my fork and knife correctly at the dinner table
showing my sister my amazing kitchen counter top and shelf monkey climbing skillzzzz
make my room so amazing that I not only can find my stuff BUT my room will be so organized and DETAILED and FLAMAKUSH AMAZING that they will faint when they walk in through my door.


I will post my progress...


  1. I do like your blog. And my mom calls me Piggy too!!
    :(=) ...that's a pig

  2. Hahaha. I love your blog. Turns out were like... the same age because I turn 14 on May 19th. I like the whole mission thing and I completely understand how you feel with the messy room :)

  3. I get called a rabbit by my chemistry teacher, a crow (because of my high-pitched scream) by my friends, and...a shovel by my toddler brother.
    Hm, I think I'm goung to make my room as intricately clean and awesome as well. I wish you luck on your mission!
    PS-You're fourteen? I've never seen a blog written by someone younger than me (I'm sixteen). Sweet!


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