Be free.

What is this world we live in?
Do you ever feel trapped inside a wall of restrictions?
I wish we could just be free.
I need to go berserk one day.
Be the spectacle of the streets.
Throw banana peels at tourists.
Jump in front of cops and scream.
I need to act on impulses.
I need to fly.
Run in the wind.
Run in the rain.
I'm tired of thinking.
Of worrying.
I need to get it in my brain that life is short.
And before something drastic happens, I need to make sure we all understand it.

I need to go to school, and not care what people think.
Be who I am.
Scream randomly.
Jump when excited.
And tell people what I think when I think it.
I need to act,
I need to do what I love.

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