Grilled Cheese sandwiches

I have to stop eating.

Ever heard of them?

Have you really ever enjoyed one?

The crispy out side. An easy opening. You slide your fingers across the delicious crust. Pull apart one side of the grilled cheese, and the cheese explodes out.

Ahh the joy.

In each beautiful sandwich.

It was probably a bad idea getting a grilled cheese maker.

Yes, grilled cheese lovers.
A grilled.

I'm talking crispy, perfect,
absolutely desirable
grilled cheese sandwiches at your finger tips in under, what's that? A minute?

And being me of course, I took advantage.

This is probably my 4th grilled cheese sandwich today. And I'm not even an obese child.

But who can resist this cheese?
Oh cheese.

I really love it. As many people do.

But see, me... I've got a special case. A special disorder.

Let me tell you, my bones have got to be the strongest in the world for the amount of calcium I intake everyday from CHEESE.

You see, my mom buys it for me. All the time.
She will come home from the food emporium and say, "Oh Lily!! Guess what I've got for you..." Now, a normal human being would most probably expect cookies of some sort, or some nice gold fish, but ahhh not I. No, my mother brings me back a quarter pound cheese for me.
And I enjoy it each and every time.


  1. you're probably the craziest person i know hahaaa

  2. My reaction wasn't thinking this is funny, interesting or cool. My first thought after reading this is "God, I really need one of those grilled cheese makers." You just made me REALLY REALLY REALLY hungry. I just had dinner... And now my stomach is growling for CHEESE!!


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