Trust Sleep's for the rest of your life.

I never really understood that jingle, until recently.

The "rest of your life" meaning, the sleeping time of your life.
OR the REST of your life. Like the remaining time in your life.

Good job who ever invented that jingle! :)

Sleepy's is really cool.
I mean you can walk in.
And like try out mattresses.
And usually the attendant is busy and doesn't notice if you take a nap.
I'm sure hobo's do it all the time.
I know I would.

I already do.

Today I took a nap on the king sized bed at sleepy's.
T'was wonderful.
But then the attendant came over



  1. Actually, I once was going to write a review about Sleepy's and their service, but had to pull it at the last minute when I checked out their customer service records. There were hundreds and hundreds of consumer complaints about the company, their service and the quality of their mattresses. So, I bagged the story because I didn't want to mislead readers....

  2. that's so weird because their beds are so soft!


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