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I am very unhappy with clocks. In fact, I wouldn't mind swiping them from existence all together. Back in the day, people would get up when the sun rose, people would go to bed when the sun set, people felt free and open to doing anything. Okay, maybe not that last part. Back in the day, people my age worked in factories. But beyond that... I really do wish we didn't invent clocks.

Without clocks, for one I would never be late to spanish class again. Or, let's see maybe I still could be late. I would not get there by the time the sun rose over the tree. Oh my flying geese! There will always be a way to measure whether or not I am late. But that is beyond the point!

What I personally have against clocks is the sense of a timer they send. Tick, tock, tick, tock. TICK TOCK TICK TOCK TICK TOCK. Like the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland. " I'm late! I'm late! For a very important date! No time to say hello, goodbye! I'm late! I'm late! I'm late!" But after a while I think... what am I late for? Nothing. Nothing at all. It's just me being afraid of time. The fear that if I don't spend every second doing something productive soon enough I will find myself an old women! Possibly a hobo at that if I don't get any studying in... Don't get the education up my spine and get a decent job. I mean, now that I have these free bagel hobo connections being a hobo isn't as bad but I still don't like the idea.


I think I have Chronomentrophobia. And possibly a worrying desease too.


  1. Good stuff. I actually got rid of my watch years ago and tend to go by an internal clock. Of course, I'm not exactly famous for punctuality but I'm pretty good...

  2. I don't pay great attention to time eXcept for "when is supper" where someone else is concerned and "Is it that time of the month to check the fire eXtinguishers", but most days of my semiretiredment I dont even know what day of the week it is, or care. Yea! Supper just walked in the front door so it is "time" to go .... ... .. .

  3. a clock is simply a timepiece that displays and coordinates time. it would not change the fact on when you had to be in Spanish class or what not. think of it as a friendly reminder rather than death sentence. as far as the tick tock.. i would highly recommend a sundial. probably a lot less annoying... depending on how you look at it

  4. true true, I just always look at a clock and think of time flying by, even if it is just a friendly reminder, all I want to do is freeze it. And maybe it's not as impossible as it seems to be. All it takes is removing yourself from it. Perhaps going camping or something without a clock and any source of time or date is all I need. :)

  5. the clock is just an extension of the earth spinning, turning, going around the sun and most humans have always found some way to break it down clock or no clock tic tock, sun dial, sunrise, sun set, time to eat, sleep,but there is always bad clock management, state of mind, that can save us from the mundane and set us apart from the schedule that is so instinctive.

    Now can you tell your Dad to get his phone turned back on as it is much easier to text him.

    Great blog you are a very talented hobo

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  7. sorry to report, i had more type-o's than actual words. Anyhow. Only time I look at a clock is when im clocking and out of my shift, that's it, haha.

  8. Like your thoughts :) But time is relative. It's what you do with it that defines you and the length of your life. Maybe it's just reminding you that life has not started until you control your time instead of letting time control you? You ARE the master of your time, your life and what you do with it. But I have to agree that going up in the morning sucks!! Great blog! Keep it up! ^^

  9. I set my clocks ahead several minutes, I do not know what feeds that madness because I know I have extra time but I race the clock and think ooooo I won! (does not work in reality)

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  11. A broken clock is still correct twice a day. Fact.

    Also, you go to Spanish class, which is muy bueno.


    PS: Coalminer - how do you manage to get to work on time?

  12. y r the ppl here commenting so much smarter then me?


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