The Sparkly Box Returns

Oh my god.
Television is evil.
I hate it.

Okay, I know most of you are probably peeing in disapproval (I realize that is not a saying) but TV is evil. And deep within I think you know it too. I think you know that when you sit on that lumpy couch, with your potato chips and your lemonade, watching hours and hours of other peoples lives (fiction or not) that you are being turned into a sack of mushrooms.

You can feel your brain turning into mashed potato can't you?

Or, maybe you can't. Maybe, just maybe, you are shaking your head at me in front of your own television at this very moment. But listen... Listen to my troubles. Listen to my reasons to hate the darn box.

Picture me, walking into my house, dropping off my bag, heading into the kitchen to grab some cheese when I hear, "HAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHA" coming out of the living room. "Who the heck is that?" I scream. The laughter continues and echos through the house, resembling the sound of laughter in a theatre or in... television. OHHHHH. It's one of those annoying television shows that program the laughter inside so that it seems successful. What do you know! Now I have to listen to other people "laughing" in the background as my sister stares blankly at the bright screen.

Imagine me trying to ignore the television as I go into my room and do homework or write. But in the background I still hear, "Yes! And Harry went to get Ted a basketball, BUT HE WANTED A BASEBALL!" followed by programed laughter, "HAHAHHAHAhahha..." Wouldn't that be annoying? And as I go to yell at my sister all I do is make her put the volume louder, or form a shield between me and her, a shield that blocks out my attempts of trying to have her turn it off.

For months, MONTHS I didn't have TV. When someone wanted to watch a show they could click, bleep, and, boom, be on hulu watching Glee or Modern Family, or whatever.

But today.

The sparkly box returns.


(Except that it isn't sparkly but I like saying a sparkly box rather than a dull silver thingy.)

So... In order to cope. I'm seeking refuge in my hallway.

As we speak in fact.

My back hurts on this hallway wall. I miss my comfy couch!
Maybe this television will force me to do my homework outside! That could be nice >:)
I'm going to find a way to have it removed.


I will find a way to have it removed.


  1. Apparently, your brain is more active when you're ASLEEP than watching TV... Says something, eh? :L

  2. I started to move away from teleBision about a year ago and essentially have it out of my life, just have to put up with wandering through the livingroom as the horrible ick of monstrous crime shows are blaring, I go outside to enjoy my garden and my dog. Peace.

  3. said....
    That was real good stuff what you wrote hear Missy..!!!
    I stopped watchin Television like 2-3 months back..!!
    OOOooh dont think that it made a difference because the other DEVIL is in my way now..!! LOL.! that is Computer..! :p :p hahahhahhaah..!!
    so now...instead of stickin my ass to TV i warm up my seat before Comp.! :p hahahahhahahah
    LMFAO..! :p
    But still i hope someday, even this devil will be outta my sight.>! :) but who know's which one's gonna be next. ? :p

  4. I don't even have a tv in my house. My husband and I can find everything we could ever want to watch on the internet, so we don't know why we'd even need one! We even make it uncomfortable to watch movies on our computer, because otherwise we'd spend all our lives in front of that *other* blinking screen. Life is just so much fuller when you make your own entertainment.

  5. love ur style....th way u wirte is so fun 2 read

  6. lol liking it ('cept i couldnt live without the sparkly box know what i mean?)

  7. Virginia being tied to PETWOOD.

  8. Cool... Teehee...
    No, I mean it. This is awesome! Love your style of writing.

    Cowboys and beaches,


  9. Peeing in Disapproval... I plan on using this on a daily basis.

  10. I hardly even watch TV..on Tv that is! ha I find commercials annoying!! I prefer going online where I can find exactly what I want minus the hrs wasted between commercials!

  11. I will have to agree with what you wrote about that sparkly box.

    What a distraction it can be. Watch a show purposefully? Sure.
    Tv Surf? Never.

    I like to turn on some music, or not and enjoy the silence, the birds chirping, my wind chime, and delight my senses with what i create in my own little space.


  12. Hahah,nice blog!
    check mine out too sometime!


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