Pitch Dark

A few days ago I went to see PLAY DEAD, an off-off Broadway spooky play... that REALLY SPOOKED ME, my friend Lola, and my grandma out. To keep it short, he told us TRUE tales of murderers, one that skinned children alive. oh my god. and then we were left in total darkness in a room of 100 strangers who were advised to do anything to anyone. I got poked on the head and everyone was screaming loudly and laughing like creepy monsters... it was quite frightening.

Then, the guy talking to us ate a light bulb right in front of us.
It wasn't chocolate. It wasn't candy. In fact, he showed it working right before he ate it. Then he took a bite, and progressively ATE it, making the loudest chewing sounds. It was absolutely amazing. But that didn't necessarily creep me out...

But then you see... he took out a rat.
And I swear I thought he was going to bite it's head off.
It may seem strange that I would have thought that... But I had just recovered from the total darkness and his light bulb trick had me convinced he really would eat anything.
So, yes I thought he was going to eat a rat.
He DIDN'T. Thank goodness.

But anyways... Being in total darkness was kind of fun really. And I liked not being able to see anything. Absolutely nothing. It was really cool, so last night I tried to brush my TEETH in total darkness...

I felt around for the tooth paste... Grabbed something else.
I felt around for my tooth brush, and could thankfully identify which was mine rather than my sisters or mothers...
And THEN, I searched for my retainer.
Which incidentally created so much noise and destruction that I started laughing.
I just couldn't find it without my eye sight.
I picked up all these towels and hand creams, makeup and sticky sticky opened bottles but nothing felt remotely like my retainer case.

This may be a pointless story but I just like darkness. Or, at least... I like completely ignoring a sense, or disabling myself from using it. I mean, that may be weird. And I would never want to be blind... Obviously. But I also just like to see if my eyes can adjust to being in darkness for a really long time. I only gave it about 5 or 10 minutes but still... try it yourself it's fun. :) hehe


  1. I really like your blog. I cannot believe(spelling?) the dude ate a lightbulb. That must be the most painful thing out there. Still, at least it wasn't on. Now I've just given myself scary thoughts

  2. Apparently the enter button should not be pressed

  3. I like darkness too. Especially the kind when the sun is setting and it's just barely light enough for you to write (handwrite that is). But I'm cool with pitch darkness too.
    Your account of looking for the toothpaste reminded me of this one time I was reaching for the toothpaste without really paying attention and almost put liquid soap on my toothbrush... thank goodness I noticed before I squeezed the bottle...

    Anyway, this is me:

  4. That is really cool, or maybe it's an edible lightbulb? LOL

    I love the darkness too. I hate early mornings when the sun shines on my face through our large window. How I wish I could paint the room all black, cover the window, or put black curtains...

    I hate light because it reveals all the details on my face haha, darkness just makes everyone beautiful. :)

  5. I think my eXperiments with writing left handed are enough for me. It is slow but beautiful.

  6. I just did a post on embracing the darkness on my blog. You see, I believe that in order to appreciate light, you must learn to accept darkness.

  7. After your theater experience, I would have bought a night light for every outlet. Good on you for embracing the darkness.

  8. I too enjoy the darkness. I saw Blue Man Group on Off Broadway last year and there was this one part where they just walked through the crowd and stared down the audience like crazed blue men... then we pulled toilet paper from the back of the room to the front. EPIC.

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  10. i truly love your blog...congrats on being a blog of note, no wonder! What great (funny) posts, keep it up!

  11. The eyes need 40 minutes to fully adjust to darkness. Try it for longer next time and see how much you can see then!


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