WACKY! TACKY! Hello Lily.

Wacky Tacky Day at my highscool was a while ago, but I just need to express my utter disappointment after entering the supposedly, wacky and creative high school. There was literally me, in black and white Tye dye leggings, flamingo shorts, a penguin shirt, a necklace for a headband, a cheetah jacket, bright yellow converse, and blue sunglasses, and then a swarm of conventional high school students.  Okay, so I wasn't completely alone. Thank you to the other 4 people in a school of 1,200 that dressed up!

10 years old

Wacky days are crucial. Crucial to life. Crucial to humanity. Because beyond the tiring school hours and boring lectures, the endless school nights working, and the repetitive essays come a day when everyone is allowed to be as weird, as wacky, as strange, and as much as an out cast as they want. And hardly anyone did it!...

Too Baddd...


  1. I kinda fell into your blog. I am amazed at your writing and your age! I started my blog for my two sons and to have something to do with my basket of boredom! We enjoy reading about your adventures and thoughts. You have a great outlook and wonderful creativity! Keep up the writing your family must be very proud.

  2. never thought of it before, but wacky days really ARE crucial. gee. congrats on being named a Blog of Note and on being so authentically you at such a young age!

  3. Keep up the good work. I wasn't gonna follow, but then I realized I would be #300. Wow. It's like I'm part of a fabulous film. Your stuff reads far older than your years. Hope you stick with it.

  4. I enjoyed watching your wacky pictures.

  5. 我等於 台大名譽博士
    =窮盡相關 消去無關 證據時效!(煤)

  6. WAW!! You have very Fanny blog!!
    Can you halp me?))
    Please, read this blog!
    Thak you!))

  7. You just keep being that crazy you!!!!
    It took me ten years to rediscover my ultimately wacky and unique self again. You are an inspiration!!!!Keep flying that crazy flag. I salute thee:))))))

  8. Beautiful Job On Your Blog, Congratulations On the Blog Of Note, Which Is The Reason I'm Writing This Now :D

  9. dont u hate when there's an event and only a handful of ppl actually follow through, hope it was some awesome lemonade u made though. ^.^

  10. Am follown ur blog it's wonderful.(davidjumad.blogspot.com/)

  11. I absolutly love your blog. You really captivate your audience through your writing:)

    Check it out :)


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