The Neighbor Strikes Again

So, I can't possibly know if you have read one of my old posts about my evil neighbor who stole my sock. But it is slightly crucial that you read it so CLICK ME

Yes, the neighbor.

Well, I have a new conspiracy that he does everything he can to make my life hell in terms of laundry. If that makes any sense. So, let me explain.

Two days ago I went to the laundry room. It was late, and probably stupid to be doing laundry late on a school night, especially when I am constantly falling asleep on my homework, but I went anyways. And I put in my 1.25, pressed the start button and headed back into my hut.

Yea, I fell asleep.

In the morning, I hadn't the time to go to my laundry so I waited until after school to put it in the drier.

By the time school was over my clothes were wet and out on the top of the washer. Which is totally understandable because my neighbor probably had to use the washer.

So, I put my clothes in the dryer and completely forgot about. Being the airhead I am, I didn't fetch it until my dad walked me to the door to get it. When it was out at the top I wasn't surprised because my dad told me HE did it this time because he had to do laundry.

So you know, I brought it inside.
I folded it.
I put on some PJs.
I started to grimace.
My face started twitching. (Okay no it didn't, but still I'm building the climax)
My ears starting crying.
No, I mean my nose.
I smelled my newly "cleaned" pajama shirt and nearly died.


But oh no, not the good kind.
Not good old Mr. Cheesy head with the feet that smell like chocolate milkshakes.
Oh no.
I mean this smelled like Mr. Neighbor over there pored some rotten mac and cheese mix on the top of it and then jumped on all my clothing repetitively. I can just picture him doing it. Grabbing the clothing... stepping on it. Spraying it with cheese in a can.

hey if you are one of my neighbors and you are reading this because my mom told you to know that it probably isn't you that I am talking about. The neighbor I am talking about probably wont be getting notified to read this.

The mystery continues.

Why am I continuously being attacked via the laundry room.


when will I crack and take my revenge?


  1. Did you want the CLICK ME to be a link? I couldn't make it work.

  2. I found it:


  3. i got it to work, but thanks!

  4. I wonder if you left cheese in a pocket and then it got washed? That happen quite often, well, usually only to mice, Wisconsinites, and especially mice from Wisconsin.

  5. Here's an idea Lily - next time your neighbor washes his clothes sneak some food dye in there! :P

  6. Your posts are hilarious
    Keep it up

  7. Ah my young conspiracy theorist; while your neighbor may have given you reason in the past, it is more likely that mildew is the culprit. Yes, mildew. I have left cloths in the washer for extended periods of time only to have them smell of wet Labradors after a swim in a stagnant pond. I would still keep an eye out for the neighbor. Sounds like a sneaky rascal.

  8. I think that RJS is completely correct. Just leaving your wet clothes in the dryer over night can make them smell HORRIBLE. I can without a doubt tell you your neighbor has done nothing to sabotage your clothes. However, what is interesting is that you have quite a knack for blaming your troubles or misfortunes on something externally. This can be fun and sometimes quite amusing, but lacking the ability to gleen how your own actions bring about results will ultimately be to your own detriment.

  9. maybe your clothes are trying to frame your neighbor by smelling bad on purpose. My clothes are evil sometimes too like when i get somewhere looking horrible and i know i left looking hot. Anyway check out my blog on http://literogratumerriment.blogspot.com/ i'm new and i need fans.

  10. Wash them again with a little vinegar in the mix and the mildew smell will go away.

  11. Sometimes leaving your clothes in the washer for too long leaves them smelling like mold.
    Vinegar to the rescue!!! As said above.

  12. Your blogs always make my day better!

  13. lol it is the neighbor and the clothes both against you in the laundry room. I pray that you win in the end.
    love your blog.

  14. An excellent point by Anonymous on taking responsibility for your actions. I know you're having fun with this but it is really inconsiderate to leave your stuff in a common apartment building washing machine for 12 hours. There's nothing wrong with any of our neighbors taking clothes that have been forgotten out of the machine so they can use it. Try to conform just a little in this area as a sign of respect for others in the community of our building...

    I love that the mystery was resolved through comments by your readers. Now that I think of it I've smelled mildew on clothes that have sat for too long in the washer too!

  15. Hmmmm interesting, thanks for solving the mystery guys! haha and THANKS FOR SUPPORTING ME DAD.... hahah I know I'm bad at laundry okaay?! haha and I guess I can understand why it wasn't my neighbor with spray cheese attacking my clothing... but merely silly old me forgeting about my laundry... but it's too bad cause it could have been fun to plan some sort of subtle revenge.

  16. I say, get preemptive revenge for whatever the neighbor may do in the future, but yeah, you can't forget wet laundry or it will stink forever unless you take drastic measures.

  17. I know about mean neighbors! I can sympathize with you. We cut a branch that was sitting on our roof and cut it to the property line.

    He came and banged on my door saying "There is a right way to prune and a wrong way to prune!" I told him where he can go.

    Short time later, another neighbor stated that this neighbor was on the property line taking pictures. Hmmmm! What a perv!

  18. this is awful! but it made me smile you write such great posts! im your newest follower =]


  19. Well, the laundry room is a very dangerous place.

  20. You were smelling mildew. That's what happens when you let wet laundry sit for almost a day. Next time you do laundry, or anything, get your $hit together and think.
    Coming up with some conspiracy about your neighbor is ridiculous and shows your naivete. Nobody is attacking you but yourself and that is funny and ironic. Look at how you displace blame onto other people.
    Grow up.


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