I just needed to share this

So, I was you know... checking out my blog when out of the blue I saw the advertisement on the side bar

And I just-- OH MY GOD.

How did google know this about me?

I mean, if it's target is to lure me in it succeeded. Cheese is my LIFE. Free cheese? On my blog? Is this some miraculous event or is it just me? I hope I have this in common with my followers. I need to go to this website. I mean, CHEEEEEEEEEEEESE. FREE CHEESE.

Who's going to click the button?
Don't be ashamed cheese loves you too.


Cheese is my life.
Cheese is your life.
Cheese IS life.

Okay, I'm done.
Go on! Live your lives... eat some cheese.


  1. Okay, so you are ABSOLUTELY the funniest pesn I have ever met. Yes, now that you arre reading this and have seen my name ^ we have OFFICIALLY met. I am Courtney. I hate cheese, mainly because I am allergic to milk. But I don't hate cheese lovers, in fact I find them rather inspiring. Check out my blog if you like, and may you be blessed!! (BTW I am the oldest of four. I understand the sibling thing...)

  2. WOW>.!!
    I loveeeeeeeeeeee CHEEESE>>!! itzz izz soo yummy..!
    it melts in your mouth.! it feels heavenly ..!

  3. Free cheese... I would click that button too :)

  4. Hahaha! Nice... I like your style ^^

    Btw, I found your blog in the Blogs of Note section in the blogger dashboard... Any ideas on how you got there? :L

    Just putting it out there, I wouldn't mind a couple more followers for my blog... http://mynameisaverage.blogspot.com

  5. I really like your blog.. and ps. I LOVE CHEESE! haha.. check ou my blog too :D



  6. I really like your blog and I too love cheese. Had Cheese and Crackers for snack today.

    I will check back from time to time to look around and eat some cheese. :)

    Visit me at: http://www.tomboleware.blogspot.com

  7. "Please leave me a comment! Anything would be nice!" Anything? Really? What if i'm into the whole BDSM stuff an i leave you a video of some really inventive use of cheese

  8. LOVVEEEE me some cheese!! I really don't think you can ever get enough of it.

    And I'm loving your writing!


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