A Potential Adventure in January

Here is an adventure sheet me and my bud Sara made one day... I laughed while reading it simply because we were just so freaking desperate for some type of adventure. Also, I vaguely remember being really enthusiastic about it. I guess I was trying to make my own personal ImprovEverywhere assignment. 

Lily and Sara Subway Adventure                                                 January 31, 2011

Toilet paper roll


Metro card
  1. Walk to the subway.
  2. Walk to the right for 5 minutes and take the first train that comes going downtown.
  3. Take the train for 3 stops
  4. Switch cars
  5. Continue on this train for another 3 stops
  6. Get out transfer to the train that is closer to the beginning of the alphabet. But if there are no transfers on this stop, kick the wall and go back on the train until there is a transfer station
  7. say KAWABUNGA REALLY LOUD when the announcer says transfer. After this WHENEVER you hear the word transfer you must say Kawabunga!
  1. Get out of the train after 4 stops and go on the underpass to the uptown
  2. Take the first uptown train and the first person you see with a blue shirt you must stand next to them.
  3. Listen for a number that someone else says or on an ad and stay on this train for that number of stops.
  4. Get out of the train and look at a map, look at the YOU ARE HERE sign and choose a destination that is on the opposite side of NY.
  5. Ask a person how to get there.
  6. When they help you offer them a cookie. (AS LONG AS THEY ARE NOT CREEPY)
  7.  Take the train the person told you to take for 4 stops. BUT during the ride SPEAK IN YOUR OWN LANGUAGE.
  8. Sara you have to get mad at Lily. Lily you have to hit Sara and make a weird foreign noise.
  9. Take a look at a map and decide what is the best train to get home, TAKE THE OPPOSITE TRAIN
  10.  TAKE OUT YOUR TOILET PAPER SARA and turn lily into a mummy. (just face)
  11. get off the train
  12. do 10 jumping jacks
  13. hop on a random train
  14. go up to the wall and smack it!
  16.  Step outside wherever you are. Find the nearest park and play in it. But only if its not TOO dangerous looking…
  17. GO HOME! And give a hobo some money. 

Unfortunately... It was really cold that day, and we didn't get to do everything on the list. But I will convince Sarita to go on the adventure with me again! hehehe


  1. Loved your adventure list! How did u come up with KAWABUNGA? lol loved it!!!!!!!

  2. I was in New York last March and would have loved to have this adventure list to guide me. However, since I am not a New York native, I probably would have died, contracted AIDS or been sold into human trafficking.

  3. Sounds like a good drinking game.....on second thought, you probably shouldn't do this drunk! could you imagine that?! haha I still want to try this!(the trains I mean)

  4. How do you come up with these crazy, ridiculous ideas? You're such a hilariously entertaining person.

  5. Sound like a good after-party idea! :D Best way to end a night out the town!

  6. Wow, If I even tried this I would probably end up in Vermont or Canada or some such nonsense :o On second thought....getting lost is the point haha, nevermind :)

  7. Seriously funny!!
    *goes seriously insane*

  8. Ha! Reminds me of my post about catching dragons. But yours is a little... randomer...


  9. Just yesterday, I was thinking about the 'Bohemian Rhapsody' song by Queen and singing it to myself. By mistake, I sang at one part 'Kawabunga, kawabunga, kawabunga, let me go!' instead of 'mama mia, mama mia, mama mia, let me go!' It seriously got stuck in my head.


  10. Oh wow. I even wrote the URL link of my blog wrong! Hahahahaha. Anyways, the real one is:

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